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Structural Feature of Foreland Thrust Belt and Petroleum Accumulation at the North-Eastern Margin of Jungger Basin, China

Author: YuanHang
Tutor: HeDengFa
School: Chinese Geology University (Beijing)
Course: Mineral prospecting and exploration
Keywords: Junggar Basin Northeastern margin of the foreland thrust belt Tectonic evolution Basement-involved Hydrocarbon Reservoir Formation
CLC: P618.13
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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The Junggar basin development in the Precambrian crystalline basement and Paleozoic fold basement and Cenozoic sedimentary basins in western China is known the richest areas of oil and gas resources. Carboniferous - Permian, the northeastern margin of the Junggar Basin in Paleoasian - Lu kicked off the phase transition and intracontinental evolution, marine, paralic continental source rocks and the volcanic rocks are associated with tectonic activity development. The paper tightly around the northeast edge of the Junggar Basin foreland thrust belt deposition - Structural Geology and exploration characteristics start to the tectonic evolution of the main line, the sedimentary filling material, to parse hydrocarbon accumulation control elements as the main means to explore northeastern margin of the foreland thrust belt hydrocarbon accumulation for the purpose of the system from three aspects of the material, time, space research. Research work has made the following achievements and understanding of: 1) the northeastern margin of the Junggar Basin, Early Permian in collision tectonic compression extension transformation stage, rather than the rift environment; northeastern margin of the Junggar Basin in the Late Paleozoic periphery exists foreland basin development in the Early Carboniferous to Early Permian mid-foreland basin system in the periphery of the Junggar Basin, the shortest development time, basin-wide minimum. 2) lithostratigraphic units of the northeastern margin of the Junggar Basin unified division plan, combined with the wild regional unconformity identification and analysis and interpretation of the seismic data to construct the northeastern margin of the Junggar Basin, Late Paleozoic - Mesozoic tectonic sequence stratigraphic framework. 3) northeast margin of the Junggar Basin can be divided into three tectonic units: Shanxi section of the Kelameili carat beautiful mountain middle Kelameili Shandong section. Western section with base - involved imbricate thrust sheet combination as the main structural styles, sizes fracture have developed; the middle of the basement-involved fault propagation fold combination as the main structural styles, fewer large faults, but tight closed anticlinal folds, faulted anticline local structures are well developed; eastern section of the main weak when compared with the first two tectonic units in the basement - involved tectonic style, breaking and fold structures. 4) the performance of the northeastern margin of the foreland thrust belt of collision between the West after the first East; collision strengths west than in the east; collision direction west to north-south, eastern SWW - NEE north-south secondary: the thrust West Xiaodong large features. 5) northeast edge of the Junggar Basin, Carboniferous oil and gas mainly gathered near the hydrocarbon depressed region, the late reformation volcanic reservoirs of oil and gas reservoirs, Permian is rich in oil and gas resources, the cracks extensive development of oil and gas accumulation has a \\Based on this, the Carboniferous oil and gas reservoirs \C 2 b reservoir of natural gas a short distance vertical migration poly the two migration and accumulation mode \the the reservoir combinations, and the Permian hydrocarbon reservoirs \. In turn, the results show that the northeast margin of the Junggar Basin foreland thrust zone Upper Paleozoic petroleum generation matching relationship is good, optimistic about the prospects for oil and gas exploration. The big well depression and Indus JINWOZI of depression depression compared with the same good combination of reservoir and good accumulation conditions with Wucaiwan made further breakthroughs in the northeastern margin of the oil and gas exploration focus.

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