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Effects of High Salt Diet during Pregnancy on Smooth Muscle Cells in the Fetal Mesentery Arteries

Author: ZhuZuo
Tutor: MaoCaiPing;XuZhiCe
School: Suzhou University
Keywords: high salt diet ovine fetus patch clamp vascular smooth muscle cell potassium channel
CLC: R714.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Objective:To investigate the effects of maternal high salt diet during pregnancy on maternal physiology and in the fetal smooth muscle cells.Methods:Pregnant sheep were fed with high salt food (8%NaCl) from 65~70 day of gestation as the experimental group, and the control group were fed with normal food. Both maternal and fetal blood sample were collected, blood electrolytes and plasma osmolarity (Osm) were determined using a Nova analyzer and an advanced digmatic osmometer, respectively. Fetal mesentery arteries were collected, vascular smooth muscle cell (MASMC) was obtained by acute enzyme separation method, and conventional whole-cell configuration of the patch-clamp technique was used to record cell capacitance, resting membrane potential(Em), potassium ion current of BK and Kv.Results:In the experimental group (fed with high salt food during pregnancy), there was no significant change of maternal and fetal PO2, PCO2, SO2%, pH, [K]+,[Cl]-, Glu, Lac and Hct, while blood Osm and [Na]+ were significantly elevated compared with that of the control group. Compared with the control group, the resting membrane potential was depolarized, Kv channel current density was decreased significantly from +20mv in the experimental group. Moreover, the cell capacitances and BK channel current density were not obviously changed between the two group.Conclusion:Maternal high salt diet during pregnancy may affect the maternal internal environment, and may induced change in Em and potassium channel of MASMC in the fetus.

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