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  1. Effects of Amino Acids Chelated Zinc and Iron on the Production Performance in Broilers,DengBoBo/Yangzhou University,0/37
  2. Effect of Rare-earth Chitosan Chelate on Production Performance, Blood Metabolism, Rumen Fermentation and Apparent Digestibility of Nutrients in Lactation Holstein Dairy Cows,HuRuXia/Gansu Agricultural University,0/32
  3. The Study on Physicochemicalpropertyand Dynamic Changes of Polysaccharide from Salvia Miltiorrhiza Bunge,JiangZuoZuo/Sichuan Agricultural University,0/76
  4. Study on the Extraction of Papain with Aqueous Two-phase System,WangWeiTao/Hainan University,0/4
  5. Preparation and Characterization of Glutathiose-Cr3+-Nicotinic Acid,XuHuanHuan/Chongqing University,0/28
  6. Synthesis、Characterization and Properties of the Series Coordination Polymers Based on1,10-phenanthroline's Derivates,HeYu/Jilin Normal University,0/51
  7. Study on the synthesis, structure and properties of material design of monovalent copper phosphorescent complexes,CaoXingFu/Jiangxi University of Technology,0/103
  8. Synthesis of a New Solid-Phase Time-Resolved Fluorescence Immunoassay Chelator Intermediate,DangDanDan/Changchun University of Science and Technology,0/1
  9. Involvement of Trichoderma Asperellum Strain T6in Regulating Iron Acquisition in Plants,WangFei/Shandong Normal University,0/7
  10. Effects of Orgno-Chromium on Growth, Meat Quality in Finishing Pigs and the Expression of Neuronral Nitric Oxide Synthase in Small Intestine of Pig,TianWei/Nanjing Agricultural College,0/24
  11. Effects of Copper and Zinc Protein Chelate on Immune Performance in Growth-Finishing Sweine,ZhouLiHua/Nanjing Agricultural College,0/44
  12. The Study of Effects of Three Different Iron Supplement Agents on Growth Performance and Biochemical Indicators of Sucking Piglets,LiHuaHui/Guangxi University,0/49
  13. Isolation, Purification and Some Properties of PPO in Walnut Green Husks,WangHeLi/Henan University of Science and Technology,0/50
  14. Study on removal of Nitiric Oxide by Fe(Ⅱ)EDTA Chelate Absorption Combined with ANAMMOX,XiongHua/Dalian University of Technology,0/95
  15. Process Analysis of NOx Removal from Flue Chelate Absorption-biofilm Electrode Integrated System,ZhouZuo/Zhejiang University,0/90
  16. Study on amplification test and performance of collecting agent of starch based heavy metal,HuJing/Guangzhou University,0/87
  17. Study on the wet removal of SO2and NO in Coal Combustion Flue Gas,NengZiLiChao/Chengdu University of Information,0/0
  18. Preparation and Application of Heavy Metal Capturing Agents,WuZuoZuo/Jiangnan University,0/12
  19. Study on Preparation of Chelating Flocculant and its Performance of Removing Cd2+, Hg2+and Pb2+from Wastewater,WuRuiLin/Chang'an University,0/230
  20. Study on Preparation and Characters of Calcium Fish Protein Peptide Chelate,FanLu/Huazhong Agricultural University,0/114
  21. Study on Structure Identification and Biological Activity of Enzymolyzed Hairtail and Ferrous Chelated Small Peptides,LinHuiMin/Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University,0/237
  22. Synthesis of Intercalated Montmorillonite and Its Photocatalytic Performance in the Decolorization of C.I. Reactive Blue19,LiHaiLing/South China University of Technology,0/108
  23. Theoretical Analysis of Three Structural Effects on Electronic Circular Dichroism Spectra of Cobalt(Ⅲ)EDDA-type Complexes,WangAi/Shanxi University,0/1
  24. Designs, Synthesis and Performances Research of Novel Organic Light-Emitting Materials Base on Carbazole,JiaYunChao/Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,0/156
  25. Prokaryotic Expression and Antibody Preparation of Populus Euphratica CPD Gene and Its Expression in Transgenic Arabidopsis,ChengXiaoFang/Lanzhou University,0/78
  26. Research on Influence of Metabolites and Biodiversity Caused by Trace Quantity Heavy Metal in SBR,MiaoZuo/Tianjin University,0/127
  27. Effects of CA and EDTA on the Growth of Chlorophytum Comosum in Copper-contaminated Soil,WangZuoZuo/Anhui Normal University,0/99
  28. Study on the Preparation of Supermacroporous Cryogel for Continuous Bed Chromatography and Its Characteristics,WangLiangHua/Zhejiang University,0/112
  29. Synthesis and Application of Schiff Base Derivatives of Dialdehyde Starch,YinQiangFeng/Dalian University of Technology,4/353
  30. An Environmental Friendly Novel Method of Heavy Metal Detecting Based on System of Liquid/Liquid Interface,XieShaoAi/Shanghai Jiaotong University,1/318
  31. Characterization and Genetics of a Novel Aurea Mutant in Wheat,CaoLi/Northwest University of Science and Technology,2/379
  32. Functional layer of aerosol chemical vapor deposition and its preparation of ceramic membrane fuel cells,JiangYinZhu/University of Science and Technology of China,0/364
  33. Preparation and Luminescent Properties of Eu~(3+) Doped Inorganic and Organic Nanoparticles,PengHongShang/Beijing Jiaotong University,0/365
  34. Novel Lanthanide Fluorescence Probes and Their Application to Time-Resolved Fluorescence Detection of Singlet Oxygen,SongBo/Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics,5/823
  35. The Function and Signal Transduction Pathway of EphB2 Receptor,ZhangXiaoGuang/Fourth Military Medical University,0/119
  36. Preparation and Characterization of Powders and Thin Film of PMN-PT Relaxor Ferroelectric Composition Derived from a Sol-Gel Method Using Inorganic Salts as Metal Sources,WangZuo/South China University of Technology,1/272
  37. Study on Gene Silencing of FRO1 and IRT Induced by Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl China Virus Viral Satellite DNA in Tomato Root,HeXiuXia/Jilin University,0/191
  38. Study on the Cavitation Resistant Coating and the Anti-Cavitation Mechanism,SongYuSu/Sichuan University,1/312
  39. Study of Molecular Modification and Characteristics of Soy Bean Protein,PanSiZuo/Huazhong Agricultural University,5/1318
  40. Bioremediation of Organic Pollutant in Water Body,ZhangZongCai/Sichuan University,3/869
  41. Study on a Novel Separation Technology Combining Metal Chelating Affinity Partitioning and Temperature-induced Phase Separation with Aqueous Two-phase Partitioning,LuZuo/Zhejiang University,2/371
  42. Removal of Nitiric Oxide by Fe~Ⅱ(EDTA) Chelate Absorption Combined with Microbial Reduction,JingGuoHua/Zhejiang University,14/443
  43. Study on Zinc Absorption and Metabolism of Zinc Amino Acid Chelate and Effecting Factors,DongXiaoHui/Northeast Agricultural University,17/541
  44. Identification, Chelated Strengthening and Application of Pb Hyperaccumulating Flowers,CuiShuang/Shenyang Institute of Applied Ecology,5/467
  45. The Fe-deficiency Induced Responses and Its Regulatory Pathway in Strategy Ⅰ Plants,JinChongWei/Zhejiang University,1/380
  46. Study of Lead-inducing Apoptosis and Epithelial-mesenchymal Transdifferentiation in Proximal Renal Tubular Cells HK-2 and the Isolation and Identification of Lead-binding Proteins,ZhouGuiFeng/Central South University,0/212
  47. Study on Ferrous Chelating Modification of Trichiurus Haumela Offal Hydrolysate by Enzymolysis and Research for Antibacterial Mechanism,HuoJianCong/Southwestern University,0/483
  48. The Function of Iron Chelate Reductase in Iron Metabolism of Plants,LiLiZuo/Harbin Normal University,0/19
  49. Synthesis of Novel Solid Phase Extractant Based on Fibre and Silica Gel and Their Application for Solid Phase Extraction of Metal Ions,WuQiong/Lanzhou University,0/192
  50. The Copper Tolerance and Accumulation by Chrysanthemum Coronarium L. and Sorghum Sudanense and the Effects of EDDS on Copper Accumulation,WeiZuo/Nanjing Agricultural College,3/125

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