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  1. Cinnamic Aldehyde Inhibits Proliferation and Invasion of Human Cutaneous Melanoma Cells in Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Culture,ZhouLing/Third Military Medical University,0/43
  2. The characteristics and mechanism of sensitivity of chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer multicellular spheroid,XuQiang/Beijing Union Medical College,0/11
  3. Research on multi drug resistant pancreatic cancer cell gene and protein expression and chemosensitivity of two-dimensional and three-dimensional culture,YuanTian/Beijing Union Medical College,0/14
  4. The Experimental Study on the Effect of Low Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound on Degenerative Human Nucleus Pulposus Cells in Three-dimensional Culture,ZhangXiaoJun/Chongqing Medical University,0/45
  5. Study on Hepatotoxicity Reduction Mechanism of Compound Tripterygium Wilfordii,LiuZuoZuo/Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/67
  6. The Role of Interferon-stimulated Gene15in Bovine in Vitro Oocyte Maturation and Embryo Development,ZhaoShuan/China Agricultural University,0/3
  7. Effects of Simulated Microgravity on3D Cultured Myocardial Cells Encapsulated Alginate,ZhengHongXia/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/97
  8. Under Hypoxic Conditions A549cells Promote HUVEC Migration and Angiogenesis,HuZan/Central South University,0/95
  9. Differentiated Hepatocyte Derived from Bone Mesenchymal Stem Cells in3D Culture and Its Polarity Characteristic,WeiJinHua/Beijing Union Medical College,0/109
  10. Mechanism on Bone Remodeling Regulated by Mechanical Strain and Phytoestrogen Combination under Bone Tissue Engineered Model,LiuZuo/PLA Military Academy of Medical Sciences,2/115
  11. Effect of Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Culture on the Gene Expression of Lactation Metabolism of Bovine Mammary Epithelial Cells,WangXiuMei/Inner Mongolia Agricultural University,0/37
  12. Three-dimensional Culture of Neural Stem Cells and Construction of Dynamic Model in Microfluidic Chip,GeDan/Dalian University of Technology,0/104
  13. Maintenance and Expansion of Hematopoietic Stem/progenitor Cells in a Biomimetic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Niche,TanJing/Sichuan University,0/158
  14. An Experimental Study on the Proliferation and Differentiation of Rabbit BMSCs Influenced by the Nonparticles for rhBMP-2 in 3D Culture in Vitro,TaoChunSheng/Second Military Medical University,0/241
  15. The Construction of Human Lymphatic Vessels by Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Vitro,FangYunHai/Shandong University,0/101
  16. Investigation of the Kinetics and Localization of Collagen Ⅱ in Human Chondrosarcoma Cells SW1353 and WISP3 Mutant C20/A4 Chondrocytes,YangYa/Central South University,0/73
  17. An Experimental Study on the Chondrogenic Differentiation from Rabbit Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells Transfected by Transforming Growth Factor-β1 Gene in Three Dimensional Culture in Vitro,WangWanZong/Second Military Medical University,0/251
  18. Neuroprotective Effect of Nipradilol on Retinal Ganglion Cells,ZhangXiaoMeng/Jilin University,0/54
  19. Three-dimensional culture conditions rat enamel organ cell biological characteristics of,LiPing/Fourth Military Medical University,0/238
  20. The Research of Clinicopathologic Characteristics and Individual Chemotherapy Based on Breast Cancer Different Molecular Subtypes in Chinese Women,ZhaoJing/Tianjin Medical University,0/446
  21. In Vitro Study of Fibrocartilage Tissue Engineering Using TGF-β1 Modified Synovial Mesenchymal Stem Cells of Rabbit Temporomandibular Joint,XiongHui/Wuhan University,0/204
  22. Three-dimensional Tissues Culture Based Screening and Identification of Serum Marker in the Lung Adenocarcinoma,ZhangHeng/Central South University,0/123
  23. Bone Regeneration Using Biomimetic Scaffold Material Based on Mineralized Collagen Combined with a Synthetic BMP-2-related Peptide,WuBin/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/315
  24. Mechanism Related with Canonical Wnt Signaling Pathway of SFRP2 Regulating Apoptosis and Function of Hypertrophic Scar Fibroblast,SunZhiCheng/Third Military Medical University,0/126
  25. Clinical Significance and Molecular Mechanism of Vasculogenic Mimicry in Hepatocellular Carcinoma,LiuWenBin/Tianjin Medical University,0/85
  26. Mechanism of Chemoresistance in Gastric Cancer Cells Induced by ER Stress,FengRuo/Zhengzhou University,0/204
  27. Effects of Raf Kinase Inhibitor Protein on Breast Cancer Metastasis,LiHongZuo/Tianjin Medical University,0/41
  28. Establishment of Tissue-like Hepatocellular Carcinoma Models, Lung-Invasive Related Protein Screening,TangJianHua/Fudan University,0/85
  29. Experiment Study on Effect of Human Hypertrophic Scar Model in Vitro by Hirudin and Tanshinone,LiXuan/Guangxi Medical University,0/76
  30. Mechanism of different binding state chondroitin sulfate B of the three-dimensional culture of chick embryo dorsal root ganglion neurite growth of,PengJin/Sichuan University,0/30
  31. The Effect of Progesterone on Pinopode Appearance of 3-dimensionally Cultured Human Glandular Cells,BaoYuanHong/China Medical University,0/86
  32. A Preliminary Study on the Mechanism of the Role of E-cadherin and PI3K Signal Transduction Pathway in Multicellular Resistance of Tumor Cells,HuangHaiHui/Third Military Medical University,0/164
  33. The Study on Dermal Substitute Containing Human Hair Keratin,ZhangBaoYan/First Military Medical University,0/31
  34. Experimental Study on Bone Mesenchymal Stem Cell Cultured with Allogenic Partially Decalcified Bone to Construct Tissue-engineered Bone,LiuXiaoJing/First Military Medical University,0/111
  35. The Study of Molecular Mechanism about Vasculogenic Mimicry in Hepatocellular Carcinoma,ZhaoJing/Lanzhou University,0/170
  36. The Research of Link between College Physics and High School Physics,ZhaoXiaoFeng/Hefei University of Technology,2/453
  37. Effects of Fluoride on Proliferated Activity and Expression of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor in Fibroblast,ChenChunHong/Jilin University,1/46
  38. A Study of Culture and Differentiation into Neuro-like Cells for BMSCs on HAM Extracellular Matrix in Vitro,WangJing/Jilin University,0/39
  39. Hydrogel-based Three-dimensional Culture for Chick Embryo Dorsal Root Ganglion,LiXia/Sichuan University,0/40
  40. Effects of Avastin on Microvascular Angiogenesis Induced by Lung Cancer,LiuJinXin/First Military Medical University,0/78
  41. Three-dimensional Endothelial Cell Culture in Vitro,TangJianQing/Fujian Medical,0/118
  42. A Tissue Engineering Study on Using Aortic Smooth Muscle Cells to Promote the Elasticity of Dermal Substitute,YuLingXiang/First Military Medical University,0/22
  43. MMP Inhibitors Affect Behaviors of Cancer Cells,LiuSen/Jilin University,1/77
  44. The Effect of CD31, Angiopoietin-2 and Laminin5γ2 in Tumor Vasculogenic Mimicry,YangAiJun/Lanzhou University,0/178
  45. Study on High Yield Cutivating Techniques and Dynamic Changes of Codnopsis Pilosula(Franch.) Naff.,HeChunYu/Gansu Agricultural University,0/212
  46. The Effects of IGF-Ⅰ on the Three Dimensional Cultured Rabbit Articular Chondrocytes,WuJianHong/Second Military Medical University,0/126
  47. Study on the Induced Differentiation of Adipose Tissue Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells into Chondrocytes in Three Dimensional Culture Systems,LiDongYan/Jinan University,1/108
  48. Study of the Rabbit Articular Chondrocyte Cultured in Vitro on Type Ⅰ Collagen Compound Polylactic Acid Scaffolds,GuanZhengMao/Second Military Medical University,0/90
  49. Experimental Investigation on Invasion and Metastasis Potentials of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells by Using Three-dimensional Culture Model,WuYaMei/Fourth Military Medical University,2/480
  50. The Primary Culture and 3-Dimensional Culture on Collagen Ⅰ Scaffold of Human Amnion Cells for Fetal Membrane Healing,LiuFang/Chongqing Medical University,0/76

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