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  1. Research on the conflict between the North disk Jiangliu domain Buyi customary law and criminal law,WangEnHai/,0/50
  2. The Conflict in Dongxiang Customary Law and Statute Law and Its Coordination,ZuoShuangZuo/Lanzhou University,0/49
  3. The Confliction and Fusion of the Farmland Customary Law and the State Law,DuXiaoBin/Zhejiang Forestry University,0/31
  4. The Period of the Republic of China Shanghai Private Banking Industry Autonomy,ZhangHengJing/Southwest University of Political Science,0/18
  5. A Study on Land System of Nigeria,XiongYing/Xiangtan University,0/31
  6. Current Situation and Future: China's Customary Law of the Judicial Application Of,ZhongChun/Southwest University of Political Science,0/34
  7. Ethnic Customary Law and Government Administrative Behavior Research,DengGuanNan/Changchun University of Science and Technology,0/1
  8. Research on the Relationship between Customary Law and the National Law,WangYuanXi/Anhui University,0/0
  9. Law as Tacit Knowledge,LuoTao/China Agricultural University,0/3
  10. The customary law of ethnic minority in the diversification of the dispute settlement mechanism research of using in the customary law of Miao nationality as the focus,ZhangLiPeng/,0/25
  11. Evolution and Fusion of the Customary Law of Manchu and the Laws of China during the Emperor of Taizong in the Qing Dynasty,GuanShunChun/Shenyang Normal,0/1
  12. Study on Yugur Environmental Customary Law,CaiTingHua/Northwest Normal University,0/10
  13. The Research on the Environmental Customary Law at Pu'er Region of Yunnan Province,LiYiZuo/Xiangtan University,0/23
  14. A Study on the Development of Customary International Law in International Practice,YangFan/Hunan Normal University,0/158
  15. Study on the Yi Criminal Customary Law under the national criminal law in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture as an example,AnHeFei/Guizhou University for Nationalities,0/60
  16. The Investigate Report of Customary Law about the Tibetan Marriage,LiuLongFeng/Lanzhou University,0/144
  17. Study on Yi customary law of marriage to West,WangLu/Central University for Nationalities,0/20
  18. The Study in Chinese Muslim Customary Lav,HanXiaoLong/Shandong University,0/166
  19. Report on the Yao’s Marriage Customary Law of Guangxi Gongcheng Yao Autonomous County of Sanjiang Township,Wang/Guangxi Normal University,0/164
  20. Research on Rural Women’s Inheritance Rights,WuQiangZuo/Guangxi Normal University,0/113
  21. Research on Dian Norms in China,WangLei/Shandong University,0/12
  22. The Preoccupation: the Relationship of Interaction and Conflict between the Customary Law and the Written Law,YangGuang/Southwest University of Political Science,0/83
  23. Customary law of Xiangxi Miao village in the road construction applied research in Fenghuang County River Ping Village as an example,FangFang/Central South University for Nationalities,0/20
  24. Research Report for Guizhou Qiandongnan Dong minority customary law in the judicial process,HuangZuo/Guangxi Normal University,0/43
  25. Concerning the Civil Mediation System about Liangshan Yi in Transition Period,ZhangWeiWen/Southwestern University of Finance and Economics,0/76
  26. On Tibetan Ecological customary law,ZhaXiCaiCuo/Central University for Nationalities,0/87
  27. The Research on the Minnority Environmental Protection Customary Law at West Region of Hunan,LiYingChun/Central South University of Forestry Science and Technology,0/99
  28. At the beginning of legal society law picture - wa customary law class interpretation,LiuZhenYu/Central University for Nationalities,0/138
  29. Judicial Application of Customary Law,ZhouShouJun/Guangxi Normal University,0/160
  30. Inheritance and Development of New Self-restraint to National Customary Law,DingZuo/Guangxi Normal University,0/145
  31. Uygur Islamic law research,AYiNuEr·WuSiMan/Shaanxi Normal University,0/215
  32. The Mongolia Nationality Ecological customary law,LeiZhen/Central University for Nationalities,0/248
  33. The Property Rights of Xinjiang Muslim Customary Law,ChengJing/Jilin University,0/35
  34. The civil custom of real estate transaction habits and their interaction with the state law as the angle of view,JiangYanSong/Nanjing Normal University,0/1
  35. The Path on the Solution of the Conflict of Customary Law and National Law,LiuYueLi/North China University of,0/64
  36. Dong Customary Law on the Protection of Forest Resources,LiuHaiYan/Jishou University,0/7
  37. To study the protective effects of traditional and ecological customary law of ethnic minority in Lancang thousands of acres of ancient tea plantation,ChenZuo/Kunming University of Science and Technology,0/1
  38. In Yi civil customary law in Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture Dayao County of Yi District as an example,WangBo/Kunming University of Science and Technology,0/0
  39. The Land Disputes and Their Solutions of Taiwan in the Late Qing Dynasty,GuoKeMing/Henan University,0/56
  40. The Plight and the Way Out of China’s Minority Cirminal Law,ChengGanXiang/,0/73
  41. Study on Tibetan Civil Customary Law in China,ZeLangChu/Chongqing University,0/86
  42. The theory of value and the reconstruction of customary law of customary law in the rule of law in the environment,HuZhengYin/Fudan University,0/123
  43. The Study of Minority Yi Customory Law Application in Judicial Practice,WangXiang/Guangxi Normal University,1/80
  44. Contemporary Tujia areas pacts,ChenXiaoDan/Central South University for Nationalities,0/59
  45. Preliminary Study on the Protection Issues of Minority Woman’s Rights,LiLi/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/43
  46. A Study About the Tenancy Relationship During the Qing Dynasty from the View of the Customary Law with the Six South-East Province as the Center,HeXiaoPing/Shaanxi Normal University,0/0
  47. The Legal Control and Region Order in Qing Dynasty,PanZhiCheng/Southwest University of Political Science,0/183
  48. Research on Customary Law of the Hong Taiji,WangXiaoQing/Liaoning University,0/61
  49. Study on Yunnan Chuxiong Yi customary law of environmental protection in Dayao Yi Nationality Village as the focus,LiDeMin/Kunming University of Science and Technology,0/0
  50. The Environment of Customary Law Research in the View of Rule of Law,LinFuPing/Northeast Forestry University,0/70

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