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  1. Synthesis and Bacteriostatic Activity of New-type Chiral Pyrazine from β-pinene,QuLing/Nanjing Forestry University,0/25
  2. The Synthesis and Properties of Imine Switchable Surfactants,CaoJun/Jiangnan University,0/32
  3. Research on the Highly Enantioselective 1,4-Addition of Diethyl Phosphite to Enones Using a Dinuclear Zn Catalyst,YuanYe/Lanzhou University,0/24
  4. The Study of Hydrogenation Mechanism for Ketones and Imines with Ammonia-Borane,WangZuo/Liaoning Normal University,0/3
  5. Synthesis of Phenoxy-imine Catalyst Ligands and Preparation of Nano-silica Supporter,LiangJiaoJiao/Zhejiang University,0/1
  6. Studies Based on Multi-component Reactions and Cycloaddition Reactions with Diazo Compounds,QianYu/East China Normal University,0/110
  7. Amination of Olefins and Imines,SunHao/Nanjing University,0/75
  8. Ring Nitrogen Sulfonylimine Aza-Henry Reaction and Asymmetry of [3+2] Cycloaddition Preliminary Inquiry,DongHaiNa/Henan University,0/19
  9. Catalytic Asymmetric Synthesis of Chiral Nitrogen-Containing Heterocycles,ChengDaoJuan/University of Science and Technology of China,0/102
  10. Construction and Combination with Photothermal Therapy of Water-soluble Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes as Tumor Targeting Drug Delivery System,WangLei/Zhengzhou University,0/341
  11. The Study of UV-Visible Spectroscopy Characterization and Catalytic Activity of Gold Nanoparticles,TanXiaoXia/Zhengzhou University,0/239
  12. Synthesis and Biological Activity of Imine Resveratrol Analogues,LvJing/Zhejiang University,0/17
  13. The Synthesis of Indole Alkaloids Containing Guanidine and2-imine Tetrahydroimidazo,LiuXueMin/Jilin University,0/33
  14. Preparation and Evaluation of a Novel Modified Polyethylenimine Material and as Oligonucleotide Deltevery System,XieJing/Jilin University,0/78
  15. Synthesis and Biological Activities of New Quinazolines and Aryloxypropanamides,LiuMin/Central China Normal University,0/13
  16. Design, Synthesis and Biological Activities of Novel Thiazol-and Pyrazol-containing Strobilurin Analogues,QinXue/Nankai University,0/113
  17. Studies on Synthesis and Antifungal Activities of Analogues Based on Kakuol(Ⅳ),ChenZuo/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/25
  18. Study on Branched Poly(Ethylene Imine)-Modified Cellulose-graft-polymer,TangYinChuan/Shandong University,0/29
  19. Preparation and Properties of Dendritic Poly(Propylene Imine) Curing Agents for Epoxy Resins,WanJinTao/Zhejiang University,0/1128
  20. Molecule two samarium iodide triggered by the ketone and imine coupling reaction and synthesis of β - hydroxy - α - amino acid derivatives,WangYongJun/Fudan University,0/31
  21. Imine ligand (imidazol-2-yl) -CH=N- (CH_2) synthesis, characterization and activity evaluation of n-Cp\'and transition metal coordination compounds,ZhangChengPing/Northwestern University,0/57
  22. Non-precious Metal Catalysts and Organocatalysts for Allylic Alkylation and Cascade Reactions,YuChenGuang/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,2/94
  23. Synthesis and Application of Planar Chiral[2.2]Paracyclophanyl Macrocyclic Complexes,ZhaoYongBo/Shandong University,0/13
  24. Aliphatic-Aromatic Amide Hybrid Foldamers:Synthesis, Characterization and Recognition Property,SuYanHui/Zhengzhou University,0/11
  25. Preparation of Star Polyacrylamide via Photopolymerization and Its Properties,FangShenWen/Southwest Petroleum University,0/179
  26. Synthesis of Polyethyleneimine Derivatives and Their Application as Carriers for Nucleic Acids,SunJun/South China University of Technology,0/31
  27. Study on calculation model of beta enol imine organic two boron trifluoride complexes: synthesis, properties and theory,MaRuZheng/Zhejiang University of Technology,0/14
  28. Preparation and Catalytic Properties of Cyclopalladated Imines Self-Assembly Film for Suzuki Reaction in Water,DiZhen/Zhengzhou University,0/13
  29. Studies on the Nitrile Imine in the Synthesis of Pyrazoline Heterocyclic System,LiuHaoChong/Hunan University of Science and Technology,0/17
  30. The Transformation of Vinylogous Imine Intermediates Based on Indole Skeleton,CaoLiangLiang/Hunan University,0/16
  31. Study on Methodology of Double Mannich Reaction for Synthesis4-Piperidones Catalyzed by I2,ChenXiangNing/Northwest Normal University,0/62
  32. Synthesis of Sulfur-containing Heterocyclic Compounds via Tandem Reactions,LiuXianJin/Jiangxi Normal University,0/120
  33. Synthesis of Polynitrogen Compounds,HeYingChun/Shanxi University,0/36
  34. Synthesis of benzene compounds , optical characterization of the response and performance of the imine bond bridging,WangYuFeng/Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering,0/15
  35. The Reactivity of Isolable Dialkylsilylene,WangLiLiang/Hangzhou Normal University,0/10
  36. Study on the Addition and Cyclization Reactions of Active Olefins,DuanGuoJian/Lanzhou University,0/37
  37. Synthesis and Reaction of Organic Ligands with N,N-bidentate and Their Metal Complexes,ShenJian/Shanxi University,0/42
  38. Synthesis of New Bifunctional Organic Catalysts and Research on Catalytic Asymmetric Michael Addition Reactions,LinJian/Jilin University,2/223
  39. Olefination and Addition Reaction of Imines,ShaoYouDong/University of Science and Technology of China,0/150
  40. Preparation, Modification and Application of Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles,YueCongFeng/South China University of Technology,0/776
  41. Asymmetric Synthesis of 3-aryl-2,3-diamino Acids,ZhangHuanHuan/Lanzhou University,0/178
  42. Studies on Synthesis, Characterization, Catalytic Properties of Metal Complexes Bearing Anilido-Aldimine Ligands,YaoWei/Jilin University,0/227
  43. Study on Organocatalytic Asymmetric Reactions Based on Iminium Activation and Study on Heck and Suzuki Reactions Catalyzed by Thiourea-Palladium Complexes,ChenWei/Sichuan University,0/345
  44. 1. Design and Synthesis of New Spiro [4,4]nonane Backbone Ligands Containing Nitrogen Applied for Catalytic Reaction 2. Synthesis of New IGRs and Bioactivity Study,JiangMan/Sichuan University,0/188
  45. The Design, Synthesis of New Co(Ⅱ), Ni(Ⅱ) Catalysts and Study of Their Catalytic Activity for the Ethylene Oligomerization/Polymerization,SuBiYun/Northwestern University,0/210
  46. Studies on Some New Organic Synthetic Reactions and Methods Involving Imines,ShouWangGe/Zhejiang University,1/531
  47. Polymerization Catalyzed by Metal Complexes Containing Bi(Phenoxy-imine) Ligand and Structure-properties Relationship of the Polymers,DuZiXiu/Zhejiang University,2/151
  48. The paclitaxel analogues Ⅶ go A diterpenoid alkaloids into synthetic paclitaxel analogues,ShenXiangLi/Sichuan University,0/163
  49. Post-translational Modifications of Microsomal Glutathione Transferase 1 and Relevant Sulfhydryl-containing Proteins in Hepatic Microsomes in Drug-induced Liver Injury Models of Murine,ShiQiang/Zhejiang University,0/112
  50. Studies on NO~+-initiated Aza Diels-Alder Reactions,ZhouYuLu/Lanzhou University,0/115

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