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  1. Synthesis, Structures and Properties of Coordination Polymers with Flexible N-multicarboxylate Ligands,ChaiXiaoChuan/Fuzhou University,0/15
  2. Syntheses and Structures of Coordination Compounds Based on (4-carboxyphenyl)(4-(2-carboxyphenyl)benzyl) Ether,ZhangYing/Northeast Normal University,0/5
  3. Molecular-ion Adduct Interactions in Cyclodextrin Chemistry,DangZheng/University of Science and Technology of China,0/16
  4. Construction and Photo Regulation of Azobenzene Containing Supramolecular Assemblies,WangJin/University of Science and Technology of China,0/7
  5. Separation and Determination of Uranium Based on Imprinted Polymer and Double-receptor Sandwich Supramolecule,WuMinLong/Nanhua University,0/60
  6. Supra-molecular Structure Study on Transitional Metallic Compounds Contanining Imidazole Ligands,YangXiaoDong/Hebei University of Science and Technology,0/71
  7. Separation and Determination of ATP and Phosphate Based on Uranyl Complexes,ZhaoMinMin/Nanhua University,0/64
  8. Study on the synthesis and structural chemistry of pyridine Schiff base metal complexes based on,XuJing/Heilongjiang University,0/59
  9. Synthesis and Characterization of Large-ring Coordination Compounds with Bidentate Betaine Derivatives,XinQingPing/Tianjin University,0/8
  10. Study on the synthesis and structure of chemical compounds containing two carboxylic acid metal complex sulfide / sulfur bond,WangHuang/Heilongjiang University,0/37
  11. Construction of Cucurbituril Molecular Reactors and Inhibition on H-d Exchange of β-Carbonyl Esters,XuXiuLei/Dalian University of Technology,0/75
  12. Synthesis, Characterization and Crystal Structure of the Transition Metal Complexes with Sulfonamide and Its Schiff Base,LiShuNi/Northwestern University,0/442
  13. Studies on the Preparation of Anhydrous MgCl2 Used in Manufacture of Metal Magnesium from Bischofite Abundant in Salt Lakes by Ammoniation Processes,LongGuangMing/Institute of Qinghai Salt Lake,1/305
  14. Synthesis and Self-Assembly of Triphenylene-based Supramolecules and Amphiphilic Star Polymers,TaoKang/University of Science and Technology of China,1/336
  15. Construction of Glutathione Peroxidase Nanoenzyme Model,HuangZuo/Jilin University,0/222
  16. Preparation and Light-induced Surface Electron Behavior of Series of Transition Metal Coordination Polymers and Supramolecules,ZhangLi/Liaoning Normal University,1/78
  17. Studies on Non-covalent Interactions in Metal Complexes with Aromatic Ligands,ZhangBingYu/Zhejiang University,0/131
  18. Synthesis, Anion Recognition and Crystal Structure of Tweezer Acyl-thiourea Derivatives,CaoCheng/Northwest Normal University,0/141
  19. Synthesis and characterization of rare earth porphyrin supramolecular systems and C_ (60),TongRuHai/Guizhou University,0/124
  20. Studies on Synthesis of Calix[8]arene Nitro Derivative and Supramolecule Complex with RDX and HMX,GengTianQi/University of North,0/72
  21. Bipyridine lactam ligand metal complexes synthesis, crystal structure and properties of,LiuZhiShan/Zhengzhou University,1/202
  22. The polypyridyl hydrazones and nitrogen parathion heterocyclic ligands and their complexes,XuChen/Zhengzhou University,0/223
  23. Spectrophotometric and Electrochemical Studies on Glycosaminoglycans,DingYaQin/Qingdao University of Science and Technology,0/228
  24. Design, Synthesis, Crystal Structures and Properties of Imidazole-containing Coordination Polymers,JinFeng/Anhui University,7/440
  25. Study on the Supramolecular System of Disazo Dye with Cyclodextrin and Protein and Analytical Application,LuFei/Shanxi University,0/196
  26. Studies on Electrochemical Probe of Protein and Its Analytical Application,HanJunYing/Qingdao University of Science and Technology,0/199
  27. Linear Sweep Voltammetric Determination of Three Kinds of Biomolecules,ZhaoNa/Qingdao University of Science and Technology,0/47
  28. Design & Synthesis of Novel Optical Chemosensors with Schiff-base Group for Cation Recognition,TaoWenBo/Anhui University,0/217
  29. Synthesis and Structures of Supramolecular Coordination Compounds with Ligands Containing Nitrogen and Oxygen Atoms,LiuMengJun/Inner Mongolia University,3/128
  30. Conjugated Rotaxanes with Bis-terpyridyl Ruthenium Complex as End Group: Synthesis, Characterization and Properties,ChenGang/Central China Normal University,1/121
  31. New Electrochemical Analytical Methods for the Determiantion of Biological Polysaccharide,NiuXueLiang/Qingdao University of Science and Technology,0/131
  32. Azobenzene - based gel study of supramolecular liquid crystals and small organic molecules,XuZuo/Fudan University,3/231
  33. First-Principles Study of Functional Graphene Molecules and Their Self-Assembly Molecules,ZhaoHaiJing/Dalian University of Technology,0/74
  34. Designeded Synthesis and Assembly of Chiral Adamantoid Nanoscale Molecules,LiuTaiFeng/Shanghai Jiaotong University,0/23

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