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  1. On Mao Zedong's views of Japan,ZhuYueWu/Liaoning Normal University,0/1
  2. On Zhou Enlai's views of Japan,YangJinHui/Liaoning Normal University,0/3
  3. The Transformation of Huang Tsun-hsien's Viewpoints on Japan,QianYaZuo/Ningbo University,0/6
  4. The Influence of Japanese Yangming Doctrine on the Collapse of Tokugawa Regime,WangJianRui/Ningbo University,0/3
  5. Study of Nanhai stance of -1975 years of Vietnam in 1945,SunXianQiang/Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences,0/176
  6. Hamas during the Yassin Period,GuoBingCheng/Northwest Normal University,0/6
  7. The Israeli government and the Yom Kippur War,LiXueJiao/Shaanxi Normal University,0/50
  8. Study on the relationship between church and state in Iran Kai add Dynasty,MaZhe/Shaanxi Normal University,0/31
  9. The Palestinian Jewish Agency in the role of the founding of Israel,LiKai/Shaanxi Normal University,0/63
  10. Studies in Thought and Action of Japanese Right-wing Forces During the Meiji Era,WuXian/Nankai University,0/9
  11. Re sources into the song and the "to" activities in middle age of Japan,WangManLin/Zhejiang Technology and Business University,0/1
  12. Chen Duxiu's views of Japan,LinYao/Zhejiang Technology and Business University,0/11
  13. The Iraq Women's Development Studies under the Influence of the War (1980-2012),JiaHongMin/Shanxi Normal University,0/2
  14. Fukuzawa Yukichi's Strategy to Qing Dynasty Centered after1880s,ZhouChengZhi/Central China Normal University,0/1
  15. A Research of the Oirginal Form of the Japanese Mass Culture during the Earlier Period of the Edo Era,ZhangBo/Nankai University,0/33
  16. Iwase-tadanari’s Diplomatic Tips and His Practice,HuangTian/Dalian University,0/6
  17. Study on Japan Coast Guard,ZuoLei/Ocean University of China,0/1
  18. Japanese modern bourgeois parties and Mainland Policy - Gui Yuan era as the center,XuZeHua/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/1
  19. "The Shadow General"-the Explore of Ogosho Politics in Edo Age of Japan,LuShuai/Northeast Normal University,0/2
  20. The Reconstruction of Order between Lords and Vassals by Oda Nobunaga,ShengZuoYu/Northeast Normal University,0/3
  21. The Oranda Fūsetsugaki,ZhangFengYun/Northeast Normal University,0/0
  22. A Case Study of Japanese Kaizoku in the Sengoku Period,LiuLu/Northeast Normal University,0/1
  23. A Study of the American Squadron under the Command of M.C.Perry and the Opening of Ryukyu,LinZhenZhen/Fujian Normal University,0/2
  24. Researching of Haotaiwang and His Exercising Strategy,WangMingYue/Northeast Normal University,0/2
  25. The Evolution of the Christian Policy of the Government of Japan in the Early Meiji Peirod (1868~1873),LiQiang/Northeast Normal University,0/0
  26. The Review of Japanese Research History of Koguryo,BaiYuMei/Northeast Normal University,0/6
  27. The Study of Rockefeller Foundation and the Philippine Green Revolution,1962-1982,XiaoLingZhi/Fujian Normal University,0/1
  28. Impact on the production and development process of - Edo geisha to rule the Tokugawa Shogunate policy on the Perspective,FuYePing/Fujian Normal University,0/0
  29. The Study of Rise and Fall of Masada,YinKeXin/Fujian Normal University,0/2
  30. India and the Korean War,LiDongJin/Shanxi University,0/0
  31. From three to sixth Century from China ferry to people,ZhangBiBo/Shanxi University,0/1
  32. The Saleh era (1978-2011) of Yemen tribes,DangZuoYuan/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/1
  33. Tokchon Bakuhan system research,ZhangBo/Yanbian University,0/38
  34. Buddhism in Xinluo by the capacity of research and exchanges with Luo Tang Buddhism exchange as the center,ZuoBo/Yanbian University,0/39
  35. A Study of Sn Lanka under the Colonial Rules,ZuoJiaMeng/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/1
  36. The formation of Inoue Take's ideas on Industrial Education,ChenHu/Xi'an International Studies University,0/9
  37. The Research of Ninomiyasonntoku’s Suijyou Thought,JiangZuo/Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications,0/21
  38. "Nihon shoki" word of God was a generation of Ji as the center,ZhangYiNong/Zhejiang Technology and Business University,0/28
  39. Analysis on the Amman Urban Refugees Issue,ChangFangZuo/Shanxi Normal University,0/34
  40. The history and reality of the three eight line,ChenPeiPei/Shanghai International Studies University,0/34
  41. Influence of nationalism in South Korea after the cold war and cooperation in Northeast Asia,WeiZuo/Shanghai International Studies University,0/40
  42. Korean Diplomatic Delegations’chinese Character Writing through the17Th-19Th Centuries,LiuJiaYuan/Tianjin Normal University,0/46
  43. The Edo period towards the screen - from the Edo shogunate rule of court,LiYuMing/Xi'an International Studies University,0/45
  44. Causes of the Warring States period of emperor of surviving,ZhaoFuLi/Shanghai International Studies University,0/52
  45. The Study on the Influences of the Battle between Satsuma Domain and Okinawa in1609,LiuXiaoLu/Fujian Normal University,0/58
  46. Investigations on the Aid Policy of U.S. to the Syngman Rhee Government,LiuJianLin/Guangxi Normal University,0/62
  47. A Study on Hiroyuki Kato’s Thought of Nationalism,ZhuShuai/Jilin University,0/65
  48. On the Formation of the Arab Nationalism in the Early Modern Times(1798-1918),WangZuoHui/Northwestern University,0/91
  49. Shimoda Kako: Women's education, in research of Japanese,WangYiMei/Xi'an International Studies University,0/77
  50. On Nehru’s Diplomacy of Thoughts and Practice from the Perspective Civilization Exchange,ZuoXiangLi/Northwestern University,0/83

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