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The Outstanding Female Weightlifter before weight control research and training monitoring

Author: WangYanZhen
Tutor: GuoChengJi
School: Qufu Normal University
Course: Human Movement Science
Keywords: the women’s weightlifting athlete controls and falls the body weight training monitoring meals investigation psychology monitor
CLC: G884
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2006
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1 Research objective: Through the research of controlling the weight of the women’s weightlifting athlete, formulate reasonable control (fall) the weight and the training control methods, smoothly participates for the athlete, obtains the excellent result to provide the powerful technical safeguard. Explorate weightlifter control (fall) the weight and the training control method general rule for other heavy athletics projects control (fall) the body weight question research to provide the theory and the practice basis.2 Research method: In monitoring time, weight foundation weight in the every morning, monitoring the weight. After takes the invitational meet to end the regulatory period physiology biochemistry target underlie value, every Monday early morning test restores the value, controls to the athlete control(fall) the weight time physiological function to carry on the monitoring. And is weary after the great intensity training and the next day morning using the blood serum CK athlete great intensity training and restores the situation to monitor. Using meals investigation, the subjective physical strength felt the meter, the mood condition meter controls to the athlete .3 Result:3.1 Athlete body fat % change: In the weight controlled process, the outstanding women’s weightlifting athlete the body fat % scope is 11.89-19.47%. Assumes the drop tendency in the monitoring time body fat % whole.3.2 Athletes’ body weight controls: Athlete weight controled in the ideal weight scope. According to prearranged result, athlete to adopt the control weight ,slowly reduce the weight and fast reduce weight three stages. In front of the match the drop scope of the weight loss probably is 2-8% actually.3.3 Physiological biochemistry target monitoring:The athlete instantly blood serum creatine activating enzyme activeness extremely remarkably is higher than individual foundation value and Monday early morning value after the great intensity training, is lower than the rests 12 hour after next day early morning, but the difference does not have the significance significance. In rests 12 hour after next day early morning value compared the foundation value and Monday early morning peaceful value has the unusual significance to elevate also.After the intensity training week, WBC drops, but all in normal range. Hb, RBC, the HCT change tendency basic is consistent.3.4 In controls (falls) weight time before the match,the schedules’mobilizationpsychology change: in the situation of controling (falling) weightln front of the match ,the athlete psychology change of state is big, also has the individuality difference. In the match previous week, athlete negative mood (despondent, angry, anxious, fluster) elevates, the enthusiastic mood (self-respect, energy) drop. 3.5 In front of matches controls (falls) the weight time meals: in the controlling (falling) weight period, the athletes daily meals intake are 1475.5 -3348.6 kilocalories equally. The total heat energy, the protein, the fat, carbohydrate intake all is lower than the recommendation intake. Three big nutrients take in the proportion existence unreasonable phenomenon, the protein, the fat occupy take in the proportion high, the carbohydrate accounts remarkably lower. The most athletes while reduce total heat energy intake, the Vitamin, the mineral substance take in also reduce. Each kind of vitamin deficiency degree is different, in which regards the flavol equivalent, the Vitamin B and Vitamin C lacks seriously, Vitamin E takes in ideally. 4 Conclusion and anvice:4.1 The women’s weightlifting athlete adopts the control weight, slowly fall the weight and quickly fall the weight three stages. The weightlifter controls the ideal body fat % is 12-18%, In front of the actual match reduces controls the body weight the scope probably is 2-8%. In front of the match trains the plan to decide as " one big way one is small" the cycle period, favors acts according to each member’s conditioning training plan and so on physiological cycle, causes the athlete when the competition is at the best athletic state.4.2 Athletes adopt the varying degree limit diet methods to reduce thermal taking in. Three nutrients existent unreasonable phenomenon, the protein, the fat occupy take in the high proportion, the carbohydrate remarkably accounts for the proportion to be somewhat low. The most athletes while reduce total heat energy intake, the Vitamin, the mineral substance take in also reduce. The athletes should take the staple food taking in, suitablly reduction contains fat high meats food, are partial may use the fish, the birds and beasts and the marine products replaces. Food and so on vegetables, fruit, fish flesh, milk includes many Vitamins and the mineral substance, the athlete dining room suitably increases these food types and the quantity, the athlete also strengthens these foods in taking, balanced meals structure.4.3 In front of match athletes’ psychology condition individuality difference is more biger, but in the match previous week negative mood (despondent, angry, anxious, is flurried) elevates, the enthusiastic mood (self-respect, energy) drop. By now the trainer and the specialist guided the athlete to establish the correct self-confidence.Temperature and humidity has the certain influence to the athletebody weight control. The temperature is high (> 35 °C), the athlete appetite drop, meals total intake reduce. When the temperature relative low ,body weight control stabler, the body fat % relative slightly higher.

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