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Structure Analysis and the Optimized Design of Pulverizing Wheel in the Ventilator Pulverizer

Author: SongPing
Tutor: NieZuoQin
School: Jilin University
Course: Engineering Mechanics
Keywords: Ventilator pulverizer Pulvering wheel Finite element
CLC: TM621
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2006
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Ventilator pulverizer is an ideal high speed system powder equipment inthe thermal power plant burning with lignite and smoke coal which is smallthan 3.5 .Has with other rubbing comparison invests, the area few small,consumes the electricity lowly, the expense province, the operation is nimble,the service convenience and so on a series of merits.For saving the energy,reducing the cost, enhancing the economic efficiency , in the anthraxcondition permission situation, we advocated selects the ventilatorpulverizer.Therefore the ventilator pulverizer has the very broad marketprospect.The research and the improvement to its important structure partpulverizing wheel can bring the huge economic.This article does the work isrests on this practical significance to launch.After earnestly analyzes theworking condition of pulverizing wheel in FM281.4 ventilatorpulverizer.According to already study mechanics knowledge carries onmechanics model to it to simplify, then carries on the structure staticcomputation with the existing finite element software.On the base ofcomputed result , carries on the experiment with the inside and outsidepulverizing boads.With empirical datum and computed result, proposes thereasonable structure optimizes plan.Through the optimization, the structurestress situation is more reasonable, the structure dead weight reduced.Hasbrought the economic efficiency for the ventilator pulverizer productionfactory, strengthened its product market share.First of this article mainly elaborated the paper selected topicbackground and the significance.Second of this article carries on the briefanalysis of pulverizing boads ,front ring flange and back ring flange with thematerials mechanics, the elasticity theory knowledge.Third of this article isthe elaboration of the finite element theory and connected software.Forth ofthis article is carring on the value simulation with software.Fifth of thisarticle is experiment process and the principle, equipment, and analysisingtentative data for the optimized design..Proposes the optimized plan in thepaper sixth part with the obtained result of static analysis and the data ofexperiment.Sixth of this article is carring on the structure optimization to thepulverizing boads.The obtained computed result proved uses the optimizedmethod is feasible.Finally the seventh chapter summarized the present paperobtained conclusion in the full text to be as follows:1.The turn of stress most dangerous region approaches a front ring flangeside in the pulvering board the circular arc place. Maximum value of vonmises is 265.161(Mpa), Maximum value of 1st principal is 294.683(MPa.).2. On up surface of the front ring flange from in circular arc to theoutside circular arc in the place with no board stress roughly is the drop, inthe place with board stress to have the trend of escalation.3. On bottom surface of the front ring flange from in circular arc to theoutside circular arc in the place with no board stress roughly is the drop, inthe place with board stress fluctuation is bigger.4. On up surface of the back ring flange from outside circular arc to thein circular arc in the place with no board stress roughly is the drop, in theplace with board stress fluctuation is bigger.but roughly is the drop.5. On bottom surface of the back ring flange from outside circular arc tothe incircular arc in the place with board stress roughly assumes the trend ofescalation,in the place nearby axis hole stress is large scale drop, in the placewith no board stress value change is bigger.6. This article proposed the optimized method on the base of analysisstructure stress, discovers the dangerous position, carries on the key analysisto it, proposed the optimized method with arc to solve the problem,Thecomputed result proved this optimized method is feasible.7. After process optimization, the inside pulverizing boards dead weightreduced 14.19(kg), reduced 16.3%, the inside pulverizing boards altogetherto reduce quality 141.9(kg), the outside pulverizing boards dead weightreduced 12.20(kg),reduced 15%, the outside pulverizing boards altogetherto reduce quality122(kg.).Through the optimized the of quality of pulverizings wheel and theproduction cost can be reduced, can reduces to consume the electricity rate,saves the energy, reduces the work load of the worker, the stress is morereasonable may lengthen the vulnerable component the service life, lengthensthe overhaul period, reduces the staff labor intensity.Have all brought theeconomic efficiency for the factory and the users.

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