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Ningbo petrochemical employees caries, periodontal disease and systemic epidemiological investigation and analysis of related factors

Author: PanHengBiao
Tutor: ChenZuo
School: Zhejiang University
Course: Clinical Stomatology
Keywords: Caries Periodontitis Total cholesterol Blood sugar High-sensitivity C -reactive protein Coronary heart disease
CLC: R781.4
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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Objective: caries and periodontal disease are the two most common oral diseases, according to the third national oral health epidemiological survey, caries and periodontal disease in our situation is still serious ,35-44 age Section crowd caries was 88.1%, 14.5% periodontal health, the elderly and rural residents is even higher prevalence, regional differences are large. The purpose of this study is to understand China's eastern coastal Ningbo petrochemical enterprises employees caries, periodontal disease situation which affects dental caries, periodontal disease factors the possibility to study the particular occupational environment petrochemical workers on oral health, and to explore teeth Zhou Yan and coronary heart disease (CHD) the relevance of traditional risk factors and serum high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hsCRP) in which the possible role, providing dental professional protection information support. Methods: (1) to Ningbo petrochemical companies 11,175 employees for the survey, according to the third national oral health survey \and standard, check the status of all employees dentition and the checks to 2,108 employees periodontal status; while fasting blood drawn for all employees, the measurement of total cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose, uric acid and other serological markers. In addition, 356 cases of different levels of periodontal crowd, using the Community Periodontal Treatment Need Index (community periodontal index of treatment needs, CPITN) check periodontal clinical indices, and is divided into TN = 0-2, TN = 3, TN = 4 three groups, fasting venous blood, plasma hsCRP concentration and coronary heart disease conventional serological markers, using SPSS16.0 software for descriptive studies and Logistic regression analysis. Results: (1) Ningbo petrochemical companies 11,175 employees caries was 70.7% (95% CI: 70.7% ± 0.8%) 67.7% males; females was 76.9% DMFT 2.88 ± 3.44 颗; filling the entire population rate of 24.3%, men and women filling rate were 18.4% and 31.4%, 35 to 44 age group and the 65 to 74 age group, the number of dental caries 颗 0.74 ± 1.39 and 0.66 ± 1.34 stars, (2) the periodontal health of the whole population ratio 20.5%, periodontitis prevalence of 52.3% (95% CI: 52.3% ± 2.1%); gingival bleeding was detected in 61.5%, 1.20 ± 1.93 颗 capita teeth; dental calculus detection rate of 64.2% Per capita teeth 5.96 ± 7.80 颗; periodontal pocket detection rate of 26.2%, the per capita teeth 0.94 ± 2.37 颗; periodontal attachment loss ≥ 4 mm by 51.0 percent detection rate, per capita teeth 5.63 ± 6.88 stars. (3) 25 years of age group to the 25-34 age group caries prevalence among the fastest-growing; 65 to 74 age group employees periodontal attachment loss was detected in 76.9%, 73.6%, higher than the eastern part of the country. (4) periodontitis and systemic Related Factors: In 2108 the employees receiving periodontal examination, stratified by age group and by the entire non-conditional Logistic regression analysis showed that: the whole group crowd, blood sugar, blood pressure, there is a correlation between age and periodontitis. The age-stratified analysis shows: the young group people total cholesterol, blood glucose, blood pressure, drinking four factors correlated with periodontitis. (5) TN = 0-2, TN = 3, TN = 4 three groups hsCRP concentrations were (1.10 ± 1.16), (1.86 ± 2.34), (2.25 ± 2.75) mg / L. group with TN = 0-2 comparison, TN = 3, TN = 4 group was significantly higher hsCRP concentrations (OR, respectively 1.24,1.31). And hsCRP concentrations among different calculus deposition and deep periodontal pockets have different detection rate. Conclusions: (1) Ningbo petrochemical companies 11,175 employees caries, the prevalence of periodontitis and periodontal health status were lower than the national Eastern similar area residents; (2) Ningbo petrochemical companies 25 to 34 age group employees should become the focus of caries monitored objects, strengthen oral health education and treatment of dental caries; 35-59 age group of male employees should become the focus of periodontal attachment loss monitored objects, strengthen oral health education and improving poor brushing; (3) in Ningbo petrochemical enterprises in the prevention and treatment of periodontal disease of young employees, to pay attention to blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure and drinking four systemic factors. (4) in Ningbo petrochemical production process, hydrogen sulfide-based work environment factors on dental caries and periodontal disease who r not found to have harmful effects. (5) Serum hsCRP levels correlated with the severity of periodontitis have a positive correlation.

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