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Studies on the Pathology of Geese be Infected Artificial by Riemerella Anatipestifer and the Immunohistochemistry to Detect RA Antigen and Distribution of RA Antigen in Infected Geese

Author: MengQiongHua
Tutor: ChengAnChun;WangMingShu
School: Sichuan Agricultural University
Course: Preventive Veterinary Medicine
Keywords: Riemerella Anatipestifer Immunohistochemistry Pathological changes Antigen distribution
CLC: S858.33
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2003
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This study the the artificially infected geese source type 1 Riemerella of silent the Bordetella (RA) of 21-day-old goslings Experimental Pathology system histopathological study, RA infected gosling pathological model. 30 hours after infection, acute dead geese a the other geese appear typical clinical symptoms; infection after 46-72 small, half of the geese death, reaching peaks of mortality; 9 days after infection, 20% goose-resistant. Gross anatomical lesions of body tissues and organs the serosa extensive fibrin exudation; liver, thymus enlargement; spleen, pre-swollen bursal infection, infection late atrophy; intestinal bleeding, cecum pre bleeding, post-distortion; subcutaneous hyperemia bleeding, and jelly-like infiltration, hyperemia. Histopathological changes fibrinous necrotizing myocarditis, perihepatitis meningitis; acute tubular necrosis nephritis, pancreatitis, enteritis; hemorrhagic thymus gland inflammation, pneumonia, spleen, etc.; cecal tonsils, spleen, thymus, lymphoid follicles ; In addition to the pancreas, a large number of neutrophils appears in all tissues examined lymphopenia. This study to establish indirect immunohistochemistry (the Indirect Immunoperoxidase Staining IIS) detection of RA antigen, the optimum conditions of the Act: PLP fixative APES sticky tablets, 0.3% methanol-H < sub> 2 O 2 in the wet box incubated at room temperature for 20 minutes to eliminate the peroxidase and leave organization peroxidase activity, rabbit anti RAIgG sheep anti-rabbit-HRP The dilution ratio are 1:25, overnight at 4 ℃ for the rabbit anti RAIgG incubation conditions, 10% albumin, 0.05% Tween-20pH7.4 PBS moist chamber at room temperature and incubated for 60 minutes processing tissue non-specific staining; with TBST as the washing liquid, the air oscillator 70 rev / min shake washed twice, 10 minutes each washing slices; 0.5% toluidine blue as a counterstain. The method is used to detect infected gosling tissues and organs in the RA antigen specific, sensitive, intuitive advantages. Test results show that the distribution pattern indirect immunohistochemical method established in the research and application of RA artificially infected 21-day-old goslings RA antigen in various tissues and organs of the goslings, geese artificially infected with RA24, heart, liver, spleen, kidney, ileum and rectum RA antigen was strongly positive distribution, followed by distribution of weakly positive in the lungs, duodenum, jejunum and cecum RA antigen, pancreas, thymus, bursa, and brain were negative. 46 hours after infection, all the organs examined positive most of the RA antigen positive tissues (kidney, lung, thymus, duodenum, ileum, brain) are addicted toluidine blue material. In the 58 hours after infection, the of various organs RA antigen was strongly positive distribution. Infection 5 days after the epithelial cells of the liver cells and lung room the RA antigen distribution was positive, after 9 days of infection, the liver, kidney, thymus positive intensity did not decline, and other organs of the positive intensity decreased. Throughout the course of infection, jejunum and pancreas RA antigen positive intensity distribution the lower brain the RA antigen-positive distribution lowest. Presented the RA antigen positive distribution in various tissues and organs from interstitial substance from the blood vessels and blood vessels around the to tissues law distribution characteristics. RA infected a solid organ geese, has a serious injury in the gut, immune organ; distribution RA RA antigens way to their body's resistance to infection related; injury severity of RA gosling tissues and organs of the body and RA antigen distribution positive intensity of its infiltration of neutrophils was positively correlated.

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