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A Study on Polysemous Wirds Teaching in College Englilsh

Author: YuXiaoQing
Tutor: SunNaiLing
School: Lanzhou University of Technology
Course: Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords: Prototype Theory Polysemy Teaching methods Acquisition Strategy
CLC: H319
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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The polysemy (polysemant) is a common phenomenon in human language, it appears the expression of the human becomes economical and convenient gave second language acquisition brings not a small problem, because most polysemy meanings based on derived metaphor meaning rendering of Bensoussan and Laufer, (1984) found that learners understand and learn polysemous word different meaning items have great difficulties, and familiar with polysemy a word meaning learners, even if the meaning of a word in which it appeared the context does not make sense, do not want to give up the meaning of a word. Byrd et.al (1987) has pointed out, in the the Webster seventh edition of the dictionary, about 40%, that is 21,488 words polysemy phenomenon exists, and most of these words belong to the scope of the basic vocabulary. Since vocabulary learning is a core part of Second Language Acquisition (Lewis, 1993), so many words is the most important in the teaching, I engaged in the process of the nine University of Foreign Language Teaching, found that students polysemy master there is a big problem, they do not have certain learning strategies, usually only about a polysemous word most commonly used, the two meanings, and each relationship between the separation of their brains, so both in hearing or read, the students tend to occur all the word \In view of this, what kind of teaching methods to guide students to equip students with what kind of strategies to learn polysemy, are issues to be resolved. Our University English vocabulary teaching, teachers generally adopt the method: the collar read new words translated for the target language, and analysis of the structure, and explain usage, as well as do some of the related translation and constitutive sentence exercises while polysemy is also the same professor way. In addition, the teacher will be under the circumstances mentioned context to guess the word strategy, policy or vocabulary of high-frequency words with the strategy, but only mentioned without detailed explanations. As a result students often rote recitation of the word list, the effect is far from ideal. In addition, with the reform of English education in China (as advocated natural acquisition, canceled four national vocabulary special CET), to enable teachers to reduce the vocabulary to explain the efforts, so that the vocabulary, especially polysemy became a learner's largest problems. As the the areas basic theory of cognitive linguistics, prototype theory (prototype theory) for the polysemy of a new composition of the rationale, but also to provide important theoretical basis to the the polysemy vocabulary teaching. Prototype theory is known as the class typical theory, the concept is based on color words as well as relatives of the human family is the vocabulary of their own, and some linguists and Eleanor Rosch proposed (Berlin Kay, 1969; Labov, 1973; Lakoff, 1987; Rosch, 1971,1977; Taylor, 1989; Wittgenstein, 1942,1945,1953), she thinks the \Rosch also found the name of the core members said to be faster than the non-core members, and the core members will be earlier acquisition by children, natural areas is to build on the best (best) or most typical individual (typical) , that is a prototype, and its role as cognitive reference point (Cognitive Reference Point); and the relationship between the members of a family resemblance (family resemblance). Prototype theory, linguists polysemy all senses as a category, the center and the edge of significance; all sense there is a \linked; edge significance generally extended by the central meaning, derived, and this meaning is extended mainly two kinds of rhetorical devices to achieve through the metaphor (matephor) and metonymy (metonymy). In addition, after a lot of analysis and research, linguists have found the the polysemy center meaning and relationship of marginal significance can be broadly divided into the chain (concatenation), radiation (radiation) as well as semi-radiation (half-radiation). Prototype theory as polysemy of understanding and memory gives the most effective way, according to the prototype theory polysemous word word formation management, according to, is not difficult to draw as long as the understanding of memory more than a word with Center significance can then be based on Context and metaphor and turn metaphor of method to derive the word's meaning in a context. University of non-English professional students in the study of polysemy existence of the problem as well as prototype theory polysemy application authors, empirical research analysis of college English teacher polysemous word teaching strategies of usage college students more than righteous word learning strategies of usage, as well as In the different effects of two different teaching polysemous words learning will attempt to answer the following questions: 1) China University English teacher using what polysemous word teaching method? 2) Chinese college students of non-English professional students using what polysemous word Acquisition Strategy ? 3) What's divide between polysemy teacher Professor of the status quo and students to learn the status quo? 4) used polysemous word teaching method based on prototype theory polysemous word teaching methods, which one is more effective? specific operating points three steps: first survey subjects - Lanzhou University of non-English major students of the two natural (138) and 29 foreign language teachers, and two classes a vocabulary pretest. Then of college, six high-frequency vocabulary selected from textbooks the polysemy to teach, and in accordance with the teaching-learning process with two different teaching methods to polysemy teaching two classes, the entire professor for a semester. Then after teaching two classes a vocabulary posttest questionnaire. After the end of the entire experiment, the authors used SPSS 17.0 and Excel on the collected data analysis and contrast the following conclusions: 1) China University teacher polysemy teaching methods used are mainly traditional grammar translation method and 2) other method (Context strategy, meaning association strategy) combined with the main, and interspersed Morphological Analysis, integration of old and new vocabulary and encourage independent learning. Test and oral practice is the lowest usage. 3) the use of Chinese college students non-English majors polysemy Acquisition Strategy cognitive strategies, followed by the decision and memory strategies, and social-emotional strategy with the lowest usage. 4) teacher so-called prototype theory of teaching methods is only in the face of polysemy, analyze what it is commonly righteousness items linkages, while no detailed explain Prototype Theory and its polysemy word formation management, according to (the core meaning, edge significance) as well as how to take advantage of the two means of cognition - metonymic and metaphorical thinking is derived from the core meaning of a variety of other related meaning until the last edge of meaning. 5) prototype theory-based teaching methods than the commonly used teaching method is more conducive to the acquisition of polysemy.

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