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CAD/CAM of Ellipse Gear

Author: LuZongBiao
Tutor: FanQingWen;LuoZhiJun
School: Sichuan University
Course: Mechanical Engineering
Keywords: ellipse gear CAD/CAM pitch curve wire electrical discharge machine
CLC: TH132.41
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2006
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The ellipse gear is a widespread used application Transmission element in the machine and apparatus, it can deliver the gyroscopic motion of two spindles, the transmission ratio can be a constant(Confirmed Transmission Ratio), can also be a variable(variable Transmission Ratio). The widespread application is gear Transmission of Confirmed Transmission Ratio in the industry. But along with development of the non-circular gear theories research and the manufacturing method, especially usage of the Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing technique( CAD/ CAM), the non-circular gear is used more and more in machine and the apparatus manufacturings to deliver the particular movement orderliness, or reappear some function of the independent quantity.Ellipse gear is the most common used kind in the non-circular gears. When two same ellipse gears drive , because of the different eccentricity, it can get different gear ratio variational curve, to complete shift gears transmission of various machine, or to be used in speed or acceleration adjustment. But because of the research of meshing theory and Techniques of Virtual Design and Manufacturing is not well,the process of traditionary Ellipse gear design is complex, the equipments lack, it is used not widespread.The traditional method of Ellipse gear design is analytical Solution, handworked drawing method and convert gear form method. The formulae deduction of analytical Solution and convert gear form method is very complicated. It need to calculate the tooth of left and right form respectively. The process is very cockamamie, and coordinate origin sits at the gyrus center in gear, so the calculation result is discommodious used in numerical control equipments to process the ellipse gear, needing to carry on very complicated calculation and data processings; The handworked drawing method is intuitionistic, but not enough precision, make the diagram difficulty.The tradition method of the ellipse gear processes as follows:①profiling method. It makes use of the tongs and cutting Tools roll with two same profiling of workpiece pitch curve, this kind of method can’t process Inner Gear , also can’t walk knife times;②approximate cutting method. It is to use the modulus milling cutter to machining in the omnipotence miller, needing to increase the assistance device on the tool machine, make milling cutter section center line transit alveolar center,and alter the distance of the milling cutter and the work piece .Because ellipse gear every curvature radius dissimilarity,the gear section is also different, need to replace the modulus milling cutter, if use same modulus milling to process, it will be error, it is hardly guaranteed;③spiccato generating method. It carry out by generating method, but need the special equipments;④processes on machine tools. That method also needs the specialized equipments, and programme is intricacyFor solving these problems, this text put forward mesh method and using computer assistance design/computer assistance manufacturing technique( CAD/ CAM) software to carries on the ellipse gear design and manufactur. Compare with tradition methods, it is predigested largely in the process of ellipse gear design, manufactur,and high-effective.Using the curve mesh method Design ellipse gear. This method replaces the ellipse gear pitch curve with 4 arcs under the condition of ellipse gear eccentricity is not big. And with each arc radius qua the radius of Pitch Circle, under the condition that accuracy request is not exact, processing with the common numerical control milling machine or numerical control wire electrical discharge machining can predigest handwork programme largely. Using convert gear form method Design ellipse gear with the powerful design function of Mastercam. Draw the pitch curve of the oval wheel gear first, Divided curve Equally with the function of software, then work out the normals of each Equal Divided point with the parameter find function of software and looked up curvature radius. Lastly calculate each dentiform parameters and protract gear form, insert into corresponding position. Now ellipse gear form design is completed.Doing numerical control programme and machining process Simulation with Mastercam. Making the track of cutting tools and process of simulation machining with Mastercam , optimizing process parameter, generating numerical control programme file, then take the designed ellipse gear to machining in numerical control machine tool.This research predigest the process of the ellipse gear design and manufactur. It can also offer guidance to other design and manufactur of the complicated spare parts.(such as complications pattern , the surface saccessory and various Non-circular gear etc.)

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