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Outsourcing and Firm Performance

Author: ZhouLiHong
Tutor: WangGuoQing
School: Jinan University
Course: Business management
Keywords: Outsourcing Performance Outsourcing network Relationship Embeddedness Dynamic Capabilities
CLC: F272
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2010
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\Past for the study of the problem based on transaction cost theory and resource-based theory around the the outsourcing intensity (degree of) impact on corporate performance that outsourcing can reduce costs through the appropriate governance of transactions, and through its own resources to focus on the development of the core business and improve the company's core capabilities to improve business performance. Practice and empirical research results, however, do not fully support this conclusion, the theory can not explain the phenomenon of reality, there are a lot of core outsourcing. For the shortcomings of the transaction cost theory and resource-based theory in outsourcing research proposed in this paper, based on relational concept, a source of competitive advantage not only exist in the enterprise, but also exists in the interactive relationship between enterprises. Therefore, the impact of outsourcing strategy for enterprise performance depends not only on the number of outsourcing, but also on the strategic partnership between outsourcing network member companies build the partnership can influence corporate performance in two ways: first, directly role in the performance of the enterprise, through the impact of outsourcing intensity on firm performance and an indirect role in corporate performance. Outsourcing intensity and outsourcing partnership together determine the effect of corporate outsourcing. On the other hand, according to the theory of the development of the ability, in the long run, the core competencies may become the core of rigid and not conducive to the development of enterprises, therefore, to explore the impact of outsourcing on firm performance should distinguish between short-term performance and long-term performance, and the corporate dynamic capabilities in outsourcing intensity between corporate performance has a regulatory role. Relational concept and enterprise network theory, a partnership between the outsourcing companies and outsourcing network member companies to measure the relationship by outsourcing network embedded in enterprise performance area is divided into short-term performance and long-term performance based on the use of multiple regression analysis empirical test of the outsourcing strategy of two factors - outsourcing network relationships embedded and outsourcing intensity direct impact on corporate performance, the of outsourcing network relationships embedded indirect impact on firm performance and dynamic ability regulatory role, and through the structural equation model depth outsourcing network relationships embedded directly affect the mechanism of enterprise performance. This article surveys for manufacturing enterprises in the Pearl River Delta region, the main conclusions are as follows: 1. Outsourcing network relations embedded on the performance of short-term and long-term performance of the enterprises have a significant direct role in promoting. Its three dimensions - the coupling strength, trust and knowledge sharing are positively correlated with the performance of short-term and long-term performance of the enterprise, but the three on the business performance of the mechanism of action is different from the connection strength completely through the sharing of knowledge and influence business performance, trust part affect business performance through knowledge sharing, knowledge sharing is the decision to outsource network relations embedded in the key factors that affect performance. Outsourcing network relationships embedded also by the interaction with the outsourcing intensity indirectly affect corporate performance, but the only core business outsourcing network relationships embedded core outsourcing intensity interactions and short-term corporate performance is positively correlated. 2. Outsourcing intensity has a direct impact on business performance. Among them, the strength of the outsourcing of non-core businesses and corporate short-term performance is positively related to non-core outsourcing intensity of the long-term performance of the enterprise, outsourcing of core business strength had no significant effect on the performance of short-term and long-term performance of the enterprise. Dynamic capabilities has a regulatory role in the non-core outsourcing intensity and enterprises between the long-term performance, the regulatory role of its three dimensions - ability to adapt, absorptive capacity and innovation capability significantly, ability to adapt to the most, followed by absorption capacity, innovation capability weakest. Outsourcing intensity and outsourcing network relations embedded two factors together, the outsourcing strategy on firm performance has a significant role in promoting. Is the core business of outsourcing non-core business outsourcing were positively correlated with corporate performance. In the two factors, the impact of outsourcing network relationships embedded outsourcing intensity, while the the outsourcing network relations Embeddability direct impact on firm performance than indirectly affect. Therefore, the most important outsourcing network of relations embedded direct impact on firm performance. That is, inherent in outsourcing network outsourcing strategic impact on firm performance mainly comes from suppliers formed between social capital, knowledge resources and the corresponding relations rent, rather than the number of outsourcing. Outsourcing strategy for short-term performance and long-term performance impact of different factors. For short-term performance, outsourcing of non-core business strength, the relationship of the non-core business outsourcing network embeddable core business outsourcing network relations embeddable of outsourcing strength of the core business and core business outsourcing network relations embedded interaction with The short-term performance is related, but for the long-term performance of the enterprise, outsourcing network relations embedded with the long-term performance is related only. To sum up, explained the reason for the study of the problem in the past can not be reached the same conclusion in this article from the following three aspects: 1. Ignore outsourcing partnership. Distinguish between short-term performance and long-term performance impact on corporate performance;, 3 not consider the dynamic capabilities of the enterprises themselves for outsourcing effect. According to the above conclusions, enterprise development and implementation of the outsourcing strategy put forward the following recommendations: 1. Understanding of the changes on the outsourcing strategy, clear outsourcing partnership enterprise development, and full use of outsourcing network assets to improve business performance. 2. Efforts to improve their level of dynamic capability, improve the long-term gains of outsourcing of non-core business. According to their own short-term and long-term development needs, the rational allocation of their own resources, improve outsourcing revenue.

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