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The Relationship Study between ANP Gene and Cerebral Infarction with Concentrations of ANP in Hunan Hans

Author: ZhangYongLi
Tutor: YangQiDong
School: Central South University
Course: Neurology
Keywords: Cerebral infarction ANP gene polymorphism Haplotype concentrations of ANP
CLC: R743.33
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2007
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Objective: To investigate the relationship between ANP gene T2238C,G1837A single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP), gene haplotype,concentrations of serum ANP and cerebral infarction in Hunan Hans.Methods: 372 Hunan Hans were recruited in our study. They weredivided into 210 cerebral infarction group and 229 control group. Wemeasured their ANP gene T2238C, G1837A polymorphism byPCR-RFLP method and tested the association of the polymorphism andheplotype with cerebral infarction. We measured their concentrations ofserum ANP by ELISA method tested the association of the level of ANPwith ANP gene T2238C, G1837A single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP),gene haplotype.Results: (1) We detected two kinds of genotype and two kinds of allele ofANP gene T2238C polymorphism. The frequencies of two kinds ofgenotype TT, TC, were 0.843, 0.157 in cerebral infarction patients and0.901, 0.099 in controls respectively. The frequencies of two kinds ofallele T and C were 0.921, 0.079 in cerebral infarction group and 0.951,0.049 in control group respectively. We also detected three kinds ofgenotype and two kinds of allele of G1837A polymorphism. Thefrequencies of genotype GG, GA and AA were 0.805, 0.195, 0.00 incerebral infarction group and 0.741, 0.240, 0.019 in control group respectively. The frequencies of G and A allele were 0.902, 0.098 incerebral infarction group and 0.861, 0.139 in control group respectively.(2) Both of genotype and allele frequencies of T2238C and G1837A had nosignificant differences between two groups(x~2=2.725, P=0.099 and x~2=2.013,P=0.36; x~2=2.162, P=0.141 and x~2=3.047 P=0.081 respectively).(3) We did not find association of 2238C allele with cerebral infarction(β=-0.110, p=0.637).(4) The concentrations of serum ANP, TC and LDL-C of cerebralinfarctions were significantly higher than controls (P<0.001), but thedifferences had no association with genotype of T2238C or G1837Apolymorphism. There were no differences of plasma TG andHDL-C between two groups.(5) Two main haplotypes T2238-G1837, T2238-1837A were detected incerebral infarctions and their frequencies were 0.902 and 0.065respectively. Two main haplotypes T2238-G1837 and T2238-1837A weredetected in controls and their frequencies were 0.845 and 0.108respectively.(6) There were no significant differences of haplotype frequenciesbetween cerebral infarctions and controls (P>0.05).(7) There were no significant differences of age, ANP and blood fatsamong four kinds of united genetypes.(8) We did not find linkage disequilibrium(LD) between two SNPs too. Conclusions: (1) There were two kinds of genotype and two kinds ofallele of ANP gene T2238C and three kinds of genotype and two kinds ofallele of ANP gene G1837A polymorphism in Hunan Hans.(2) There were no significant differences of genotype and allele both ofT2238C and G1837A polymorphism between cerebral infarction groupand control group. The polymorphisms may not be associated withcerebral infarction of Hunan Hans.(3) Two main haplotypes T2238-G1837, T2238-11837A were detected incerebral infarctions and controls.(4) There were no significant differences of haplotypes frequenciesbetween cerebral infarctions and controls. There were no significantdifferences of age, the concentrations of ANP and blood fats among fourkinds of united genetypes. These conclusions indicated that cerebralinfarction of Hunans Hans may not be associated with T2238C, G1837Apolymorphism and gene haplotype of ANP gene.(5) The concentrations of serum ANP, TC and LDL-C were signficantlyhigher than controls, but these differences had no association with ANPgene polymorphism.

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