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Tourism Diplomacy and China’s Peaceful Development

Author: MeiYi
Tutor: HuDeKun
School: Wuhan University
Course: World History
Keywords: Tourism Diplomacy China’s Peaceful Development The World History’s Integration Strategic Thinking
CLC: D820
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2006
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As a social phenomenon, tourism diplomacy has politically, economically and culturally emerged in the nation’s external lives. But up to present, theoretical circle failed to care it for many reasons: firstly, the traditional way of thinking makes people mostly look down upon it; secondly, the way it functioned, such as playing roles in affairs soundlessly, easily let itself out of social attention. However, the analysis on its features lets me find its great impact on Chinese peaceful development. Especially, the long-time experiences in the tourism diplomatic field make me feel its real existence, and leave me great amount of data concerned. Based on the theory of the world history’s integration, this article reveals the necessity of chinese tourism diplomacy’s appearance and growing-up, uncovers the process of the its overall development, analyses its functions on chinese peaceful development, and expresses some views on its future progress.It’s actually very important thing studying the relationship between tourism diplomacy and Chinese peaceful development under the theory of the world history’s integration. Along with productivity upgraded, the world history has shown the trend with integration, which was fastened through economic globalization. It’s under the circumstances of economic globalization that China has chosen a peaceful developing road in a peaceful diplomaic rule. Tourism diplomacy is an important approach to social communication, and a useful method pushing productivity going up, as well as one of main parts of peaceful diplomacy. Functioning soundlessly and as one of cardinal forces to Chinese peaceful development, tourism diplomacy will fasten the speed of China’s marching into globalization and enrich the content of the world history’s integration.Tourism diplomacy was made by times. Accurately we say it is a need by the nation’s peaceful external development, and a valuable channel for the nation to get into globalization, as well as the pratice in tourism industry field under the world history’s integration rule. On the one hand, tourism is a typical peaceful diplomatic industry, which is decided by the interior quality of its own, and sets a good foundation for the growing-up of tourism diplomacy; on the other hand, with the reform and opening-up going on, the tourism industry of the nation has undergone the policies’adjustments of both the interior and the exterior, and grown up to be an important outward industry of the nation. It is because of the potentiality of peaceful diplomacy tourism has and the booming of tourism industry brought about by the reform and opening-up that Chinese tourism diplomacy has last formed through the development of both the vertical and the horizontal by the end of last century. The last forming of Chinese tourism diplomacy was mainly caused by normalization of civilian tourism diplomacy and the adequate consciousness of tourism diplomacy. Tourism diplomacy was formed in series of big events, such as China Tourism Year 97 and the strategy of outbound visitors, etc. From the day of its forming, tourism diplomacy possesses good capability for peaceful development, which definitely makes great contribution to world history’s integration.With the reform and opening-up deepened, Chinese tourism diplomacy has an overall development in fields of politics, economics, culture and the image of the country, etc. And actually, this development is the peocess of the country’s getting into globalization and one of the important respectives of the country’s peaceful development. Especially after the new century came, Chinese tourism diplomacy found an overall restoration and great changes in patterns, scale, characteristics and functions at the civilian platform; made great progress in economic field, with the will of economics clearer and with outward co-operations strengthened; got much more attention in cultural level while the space of tourist cultural exchanges was enlarged both inside and outside of the country, with the studying tours becoming active; played an important role in political field, including serving the country’s politics, holding social responsibility, dealing with severe diplomatic issues, and creating political environment for the peaceful development of the nation. Of course, tourism diplomacy is also functioning in the regional co-operations, which efficiently helps the developing strategy of bordering-area of the country carried out favorably through the co-operations with neighbouring countries. And the action in field of the outbound tours left more rooms for the international acitivities of Chinese people.The overall development of tourism diplomacy has brought about benefits and merits in many fields: first is contributing the nation’s economy with bordering area getting more prosperous, and with the ability of foreign investment introduction improved, etc., second is showing the naiton’s good image including powerful image, civilized image, friendship image and security image, etc., third is improving the outside environment of the nation, such as attracting the worldwide attention, raising up the international position of its people, upgrading the financial services internationally, and making practical Chinese language much more international, etc., fourth is transmitting national culture into the world, for example, doing more promotional activities and strengthening protectional measures on it, etc., fifth is solidifying the sino-foreign civilian friendships, including better mutual understandings between various peoples and cultural exchanges between different regions and countries. As a favor to the nation’s peaceful development, tourism diplomacy is very advantagous, which will be much stronger along with its further development. Of course, the tourist exchanges between the mainland and Hongkong and Taiwan are not of the tourism diplomacy, but as special communication channels, they play great roles in keeping Hongkong prosperous and stable, getting compatriots on the both sides of Taiwan straits better knowing each other.Tourism diplomacy is important to the foreign affairs of the nation, but it didn’t get the treatment it is worth. In the new century, the sense of“Soft Power”has been intensified, with the international communities emphasizing“Soft Running”. And as a typical way of“soft running”going to be maturer, tourism diplomacy has been viewed as important tasks, of which one is to settle the strategy of powerful tourist country to stabilize the foundation of tourism diplomacy, such as enriching the idea of the country with super wonders, making stronger the sense of international visitors’flow, raising up the level of“international existence”, and carrying on the strategy of“worldwide communication”, etc., two is to enlarge the ground of peaceful development of the nation by developing tourism diplomacy, for example, conducting all citizens’tourism diplomacy, improving the ability of economic diplomacy, getting the sense of political service stronger, and strengthening the outbound visitors’diplomacy, etc., and three is to take use of tourism diplomacy efficiently to set up a better cultural environment for the nation’s peaceful development including upgrading the citizens’quality and starting the cultural transmission project.In a word, under the circumstances of world history’s integration, tourism diplomacy has been changed to be the front stage from the back yard in the process of the human socity’s development, as civilians’lives and creations are getting into the center of social view. In fact, the life globalization mainly from tourism diplomacy fills the world history’s integration with new content, and becomes one of its important stages. Tourism diplomacy is in accordance with the rythem of the times of world, namely“peace and development”, and in favor of the world history’s integration, while it enrichs the Chinese peaceful diplomacy and fastens the paces of Chinese peaceful development.

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