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The Research of FGF21in Different Glucose Metabolism Individuals and Its Related Influence Factors

Author: ZhouZuo
Tutor: SunLiRong
School: Tianjin Medical University
Course: Internal Medicine
Keywords: type2diabetes impaired glucose regulation serum uric acidhepatic fat content FGF21 islet function
CLC: R587.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Objective:(1)Analysis the fibroblast factor21(FGF21) in patients with different glucose metabolism level and its influencing factors, in order to provide certain theory basis for diagnosis and treatment of diabetes in the future.(2) Divided volunteers into groups according to serum uric acid, hepatic fat content, whether to insist on taking exercise, analysis the changes of FGF21in each groups, to clarify the correlation between FGF21with these metabolic indications.Methods:(1)The participants for this study were45men and47women. They were examined at Tianjin Metabolic Disease Hospital, including23patients have been diagnosed T2DM,24patients with newly diagnosed T2DM,20impaired glucose regulation patients, and25normal persons as control group. Collected their clinical information, biochemical testing data and assistant examination results, calculated the hepatic fat content. All the participants took an oral75g glucose test (OGTT), serum glucose, insulin and FGF21at fasting, half-hour,2-hour were measured.(2)Divided volunteers into groups according to serum uric acid, hepatic fat content, whether to insist on taking exercise. Compared biochemical indicators, FGF21level, islet function indicators and so on between different groups.(3) Analyses were performed using SPSS18.0. An independent samples t-test was used to compare the data between two independent samples. Multiple samples were compared by analysis of variance (ANOVA), and LSD was used to compare between each others. Used multiple regression analysis to investigate the related factors of FGF21, P values<0.05were considered statistically significant.Results:(1)Age had no statistical differences between the four glucose metabolism groups, the BMI、TG、SUA and hepatic fat content in normal control group (Group1) were significant lower and index of insulin secretion was higher than that in the other three group; compared with T2DM group (Group3、Group4),HbA1c、IR、ALT were reduced; the FGF210’ and FGF21120’ in IGR group (Group2)were higher than in the other three groups, however,△FGF120/△G120in Group1and Group2were lower than in T2DM groups.(2)Compared data between groups divided by quarterback method of uric acid:TG、FGF210’、FGF21120’ in the SUA highest group were higher than that in the other three groups, TG was lower and index of insulin secretion was higher in SUA lowest group than in the other three groups. There were no difference between IR、HbA1c and△FGF120/△G120in the four groups.(3)Compared data between groups divided by quarterback method of hepatic fat content:TG、FGF210’、FGF21120’ in the hepatic fat content highest group were higher than that in the other three groups. There were no difference between BMI、IR、 HbA1c、index of insulin secretion and△FGF120/△G120in the four groups.(4)Compared with no exe rcise group,△FGF120/△G120’ and△FGF120/△G120in the exercise group were significantly elevated.(5)Age, BMI, HbA1c, HOMA-IR, TG, SUA, FPG, FINS, index of insulin secretion and hepatic fat content were regarded as independent variable, FGF210’、FGF21120’ and△FGF120/△G120were regarded as dependent variable. Logistic analysis showed that TG, SUA, hepatic fat content were the independent risk factors of FGF210’. Age, SUA, hepatic fat content were the independent risk factors of FGF21120’. There was no correlation between these dependent variables and△FGF120/△G120.Conclusion:(1)The elevation of FGF21in abnormal glucose metabolism patients may be due to compensatory response, and the compensatory capacity of IGR group was higher than that of diabetic group. Suggest that in the early stage of diabetes, FGF21can compensatory regulate serum glucose levels, but when turn into diabetes, whether it was newly diagnosed or had diagnostic and accepted therapy for a period, the compensated extent of FGF21can not remedy the hyperglycemia.(2)The increasing of SUA can elevate FGF21levels indirectly.(3)FGF21may be the protective factor of liver, when the hepatic fat content increased to a certain level, FFA raised, and then promoted FGF21production by activated PPAR-a.(4)Exercise could elevate the FGF21levels, ameliorate the compensatory capacity of FGF21.(5)TG, SUA, hepatic fat content were the independent risk factors of FGF210’. Age, SUA, hepatic fat content were the independent risk factors of FGF21120’.

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