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The Analysis of Clinical Related Factors and the Expression of FOXC2in Adenomyosis

Author: TangZuoZuo
Tutor: FuYan
School: Jilin University
Course: Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Keywords: Adenomyosis FOXC2 Immunohistochemistry CA125 Clinical feature
CLC: R711.74
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Adenomyosis is a common and intractable benign disease for women of childbearingage. The disease pathology morphology characterized by benign, but it has a similarinvasion and metastasis of malignant tumors and other biological behavior, and it is thisabnormal malignant behavior leading to the illness unhealed and progress, drug therapyeffect is poor. Hysterectomy become the final treatment means, it is a serious threat towomen’s physical and mental health. At present, its pathogenesis, clinical features, theeffective methods of preoperative diagnosis and treatment still face great challenges.FOXC2is an embryonic transcription factor; it plays a key role in the embryoniccardiovascular, lymphatic vessels, cartilage, bone, interstitial eyes, kidneys and othermesoderm-derived tissue during the development of the organization. In recent years, manystudies have found that FOXC2has an important effect on carcinogenesis, invasion andmetastasis in breast cancer, lymphoma and gynecologic malignant tumors (such asgestational trophoblastic tumor, ovarian cancer, endometrial carcinoma and cervical cancer,and so on).In this experimental investigation, FOXC2was assayed in adenomyosis by mean ofimmunohistochemical technique, and to further to explore its significance. Objective: Theaim is to probe into the role of FOXC2in the development and evolution process ofadenomyosis, to further to explore the molecular biological mechanisms of adenomyosisand look for related molecular markers. Methods: The immunohistochemical techniquewas used to detect the expression of FOXC2in the normal uterus and adenomyosis.Results: The expression of FOXC2is in adenomyosis ectopic endometrial glandularepithelium cells, and the expression intensity of FOXC2was higher than that of the normalendometrial glands epithelial cells. The positive expression of FOXC2is in adenomyosis ofendometrial stromal cell nucleus, cytoplasm not expressed. FOXC2is expressed in normalendometrial stromal cell nucleus and cytoplasm, and the FOXC2expression intensity inadenomyosis of endometrial stromal cell was higher than that of the normal endometrialstromal cells.Conclusion:FOXC2plays a key role in the occurrence and developmentprocess of adenomyosis, so it might be one of its molecular markers.Adenomyosis occurs in parous women over40, the main clinical manifestations aremenorrhagia, menostaxis and gradually increasing progressive dysmenorrhea. Theliteratures in the recent years reported, CA125has a very important clinical application value in the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of adenomyosis. This clinical study basedon the analysis of the clinical data of140cases of adenomyosis hospitalized patients, aimto probe into the related clinical factors of adenomyosis.Objective: To analyze the mainsymptoms and their influencing factors of adenomyosis; To study the relation of CA125and uterine size and degree of dysmenorrhea, further to explore the clinical applicationvalue of CA125in the diagnosis and condition monitoring of the adenomyosis.Methods:By analyzing the clinical data of140cases of adenomyosis hospitalized patients, obtain theinformation including the incidence of adenomyosis, symptom characteristics, the times ofgestation and delivery, Color Doppler Ultrasound characteristics and the level of CA125.Results:The main symptoms of patients with adenomyosis are abnormal menstruation anddysmenorrhea, but there is no influence relations each other;The degree of dysmenorrheawas influenced by age at onset, duration of illness and the times of gestation anddelivery,but the times of gestation and delivery had no significant effect on the abnormalmenstruation;Preoperative CA125detection joint ultrasonography can obviously improvethe diagnosis rate of adenomyosis, and are convenient, fast, cheap, non-invasive; SerumCA125levels in patients with adenomyosis are positively associated with uterine volume,the degree of dysmenorrhea, and uterine body increases more obvious, the degree ofdysmenorrhea is more serious, the higher the value of serum CA125. Conclusion:CA125had a important clinical application value in the diagnosis and condition monitoring of theadenomyosis.

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