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Study on Expression of NIS Gene from Mouse Mammary Glands duirng Different Development

Author: XuLiMin
Tutor: LiuYuFen
School: Harbin Normal University
Course: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Keywords: mammary glands NIS gene mouse Immunohistochemistry
CLC: R737.9
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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Mammary gland is the unique organ of mammal, which has an important economicvalue. The development and lactation regulation of mammary are related with itslactation capacity. Na+/I-Symporter (NIS) is a kind of gene which is responsible formammary gland development and lactation regulation. It is a transport membraneprotein which is mainly located in the basement membrane of alveolar cells and thecells of small ductal epithelial. NIS is also carries an important function in the absorp-tion and aggregation of iodine. The function of NIS in mammary gland can be used inthe biosynthesis of neonatal thyroid hormone.In this experiment, mouse Kunming mice were used as animal model to study onthe development of mammary gland. By Western blot, Immunohistochemistry andSemi-quantitative PCR, expression and location of NIS gene were detected in themammary glands during adolescence, pregnancy, lactation and degradation.By SDS-PAGE and Western blot,NIS protein are expressed in mammary glands ofmice during the four development phases, and there was a specific hybrid band hadbeen emerged at65kDa. The results of Immunohistochemistry showed that NIS ismainly expressed on the small ductal epithelial cells and the basement membrane ofmammary gland cells and it is most obvious in lactation mammary gland. What’s more,the amount of NIS protein expression presented a regular change in mammary glandstissues during four development proceeds. It is gradually increased from adolescence topregnancy, which means the peak is appeared in lactation. And then it is declined in thedegradation gradually, until the expression amount was similar to the adolescence. Inorder to amplify the gene of NIS, the whole RNA of mammary glands were extractedand purification, NIS gene was acquired by using RT-PCR. Quantitatility of the NISgene was analyzed by semi-quantitative PCR technology. the conclusion indicated thatthe expression amount of NIS in mouse mammary glands during adolescence anddegradation are extremely low, pregnancy is higher, and lactation is the most highest.BySPSS, the expression level of NIS is significant difference in mouse mammary glandsbetween pregnancy and lactation(P<0.05);At the same time,these two stages aresignificant difference from adolescentce and degradation(P<0.05);but the expression level of NIS is not significant difference in adolescence and degradation.It will provide the basic research data of mammary gland development andlactation regulation during the study. Furthermore, it will also provide the experimentbasis of clinical treatment for various diseases which were related with NIS.

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