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A Study of the Effect of Producer Services Trade on Economic Growth

Author: WangQingRuo
Tutor: WuFan
School: Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
Course: International Trade
Keywords: Producer Services Trade Economic Growth Effect Mechanism Improvements
CLC: F752.68
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Along with the quickening economic globalization development and international industry restructuring, service industry plays an increasingly important role in the economic development. The focus of global competition has shift from the manufacturing industry to service industry, and the importance of service trade has gradually increased. From the perspective of internal structure of service trade, the increase rate of consumption service industry trade grows steadily; producer service trade becomes the main reason of services trade grows. Domestically, with the gradual opening of China’s service industry, service trade has developed rapidly. The gradual rise in the services trade development is not balance during the same time. International trade is very important to economic growth and social welfare promoting. It is rather more important to trade in services, which relatively backward producers as a breakthrough for enhancing the overall level of China’s service trade and promoting rapid and healthy economic growth.To compare with the Goods Trade theory, the theory of trade in services is in an early stage. Although the producer of services sector occupies an important position in the national economy, trade in services lagged behind research in the general environment. The producer of trade in services analysis is experience-based relevant researches; systematic theoretical framework has not yet been formed. Trade in producer services at this stage of a country or region’s economic growth mainly focused on analysis of the production of services trade liberalization effects, industry-specific effects of trade and the promotion of economic growth, pulling the inner mechanism. Most results show that the producer service trade and economic growth has a significant positive correlation, which means economic growth plays a positive role in promoting. However, these bibliographies focus on one country or a region of local effects too much. When productivity in the service sector exists a big difference, for different types of countries such as developed and developing countries, trade in producer services promoting effect on economic growth issues such as the existence of differences in depth and details are not studied yet. Based on the above reason, this article will focus on the effects study of trade in producer services to economic growth and the mechanisms among different economies.The article studies firstly verify the role of producer services trade in promoting economic growth, discussed the mechanism of producer services trade to promote economic growth, and explored the different effects of trade on economic growth by comparing the developed and developing country producers and consumers services trade contributions, and unifies our country’s actual situation to point out the producer services trade’s insufficiency.The article is mainly divided into six parts; various partial contents are as follows are as follows:The first part:Introduction. Clarify the thesis research background, the research goal and the significance. Explained and defined the research object and important concept. Introduce the research method and content structure.The second part:The theory summary and the literature review of the producer service trade promote economic growth. Firstly, on the basis of the trade in services promotes the economic growth theory, summarizes the theories of producer services trade promote economic growth. Then, reviewed domestic and foreign literatures on the producer services trade promote economic growth. Finally, put some comments on the existing research literatures, summarizes the achievement and the insufficiency.The third part:The mechanism derivation of producer services trade promotes the economic growth. From the perspective of supplies, producer services trade promotes the economic growth by the accumulation of material and human resource capital, the promotion of industrial upgrading, the technology advancement. From the perspective of demands, producer services trade promotes the economic growth by the linkage of cargo trade angle.The existing research point out that the producer services trade promotes the economical growth in different ways:On the capital accumulation aspect, the magnification of trade achieved the more specialized labor division as well as the scale effect. On the industrial upgrading aspect, it performance on the industry fills, the promotion of functions in traditional industry and the home industry optimization effect. The motivation of technological progress achievement are mainly involved in the middle product input, the study imitation opportunity earns, the technical support, the idea influence, and the introduction of competition. The human capital accumulates achievements are mainly through the way of absorbing FDI, relies on the talented person localization, the human resources pool consummation as well as personnel training consciousness sets up the expansion human capital storage quantity. Increasing the net export is the main way of achieving the linkage of cargo trade. The exporters and importers of producer services can both gain the economic growth from the international trade development.The fourth part:The producer services trade promotes the economic growth empirical study. First of all, use the statistical method analyzed international data and Chinese data, to describe the current producer services trade development situation. Then, take40country1994-2008year producer services trade data found a econometrics mode, discusses the different impact between the producer services trade and the consumer services trade. Finally, according to economic development’s special details, study on the differences of trade impact between the developing countries and the developed countries.The fifth part:The enlightenment of producer services trade in promoting the economic growth.The sixth part:Summary and forecast. This part mainly carries the summary to the whole content, and pointed out the further studies direction.

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