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The Symbol Studies of the Image of LIU Sanjie

Author: RenXuBin
Tutor: WangJie
School: Nanjing University
Course: Literature and Art
Keywords: LIU Sanjie Symbol Significance Representation Folk songs Zhuang minority Ritual
CLC: J120.9
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2011
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"LIU Sanjie" is the famous legend of China’s Lingnan, and it has become a well-known artistic image at home and abroad. It is to arrange the complicated meaning and symbol’s type, and reveal it’s cultural significance and aesthetic connotations of LIU Sanjie’s image in the historical evolution that study it with the methods of symbol combined aesthetic anthropology.This article is divided into three parts:the introduction, the body and conclusions. The introduction surveys the geography of LIU Sanjie cultural study. It shows that the meaning of symbol changes with the change of human activity and human context. The meaning of LIU Sanjie involves a cultural history process. The research methods of symbolic anthropology can build the bridge between semeiology and aesthetic anthropology, deal with LIU Sanjie as a cultural symbol, inquire its meaning and function, and thus deserve practical and theoretical significance.The body involves four chapters. Chapter one deals with the symbolization of LIU Sanjie, thus builds the logical starting point and theoretical foundations of the whole research project. The change process of LIU Sanjie symbol represents the meaning of different cultural history period, and reveals different ideology notions. With the development of media and methods of communication, different LIU Sanjie signifier comes, which also reveals different aesthetic communication. LIU Sanjie signifier experiences the change from God to star, and then to symbol. LIU Sanjie signified evolves from immortal symbol to political symbol, and then to God to star, and then to consumptive symbol. Accordingly, the image of LIU Sanjie comes up with the change process of from song-fairy, to civilian hero, and to mundane singer. LIU Sanjie image turns into "LIU Sanjie-culture." The modern image of LIU Sanjie owns two meanings:one refers to folk song culture, one represents the Zhuang minority culture, both promote the reproduction of "LIU Sanjie-culture".The second chapter" the prototype and rheological of the LIU Sanjie’s image" clarifies the evolution of the myth of LIU Sanjie that to the song-fairy prototype in the folk beliefs, and that is a two-way interactive process with sacred and secular. The integrated song activities and fairs in folk generates a diversity of LIU Sanjie’s image, and reflected not only the versatility folk beliefs but generates the culture of LIU Sanjie. The Zhuang nationality song is also accepted rewritten from the Han nationality culture in cross-cultural communication. As a cultural image of witchcraft and monster, LIU Sanjie experiences the process of disenchantment from God to Fairy,and then to People in the interaction with central plains mainstream culture along with the complex cultural conflict and integration. Different cultural subjects selectively increases or decreases the concepts and elements of LIU Sanjie according to their ideological changes and aesthetic ideas. From Song Dynasty to Republic China, LIU Sanjie was song-fairy in the folk legend, the talented woman of good songs under feudal liberal scholars described and immoral, dissolute romantic woman in the mainstream ideology of feudal vision. Historical and cultural heritage has made the image of LIU Sanjie the rich culture and humanities significance, and that is the product of integration consists of various subject of culture and the conflict of cultural strength, the folk songs as a core element of LIU Sanjie’s image combines the romance and carnival culture of the south China various ethnic groups, so that the song-fairy that Supported of multi-ethnic become a multi-cultural symbiosis symbol.The third chapter" The image of LIU Sanjie is a cumulative construction" discusses folk and political discourse are isomorphism and rose to national discourse from the founding of New China. In the Opera and film LIU Sanjie, the complex folk discourse was simplified as a class conflict. With the help of modern communication technology and aesthetic emotion imagination, the image of LIU Sanjie is shaped as the class struggle in the civilian heroes, but is largely preserved the folk expression. At the same time, the national discourse characterized LIU Sanjie as the culture image of Zhuang minority, and so LIU Sanjie became the political and folk nation text, retained the cultural symbol and ambiguity in a certain extent, and obtained aesthetic significance beyond the political discourse. The construction of LIU Sanjie’s image has a clear characteristics of multilevel nature, and it is a cultural-valued that different cultural subjects had created in different cultures contexts and given new meaning in each other.The fourth chapter discusses the image of LIU Sanjie which was been constructed in the circumstance of the market-oriented economy. Compared with before, coalesce and symbiosis of the various cultural types became more strengthen and appeared holistic operation characteristics in the synchronic stage. As the symbol, the image of LIU Sanjie has three features:sharing, localise and diversification. The reconstruction and modern transition of the new image of LIU Sanjie has been realized mainly rely on some discourse guide such as cultural tourism and intangible cultural heritage protection, etc. the image of LIU Sanjie has relations and diversities among the popular culture,folk culture and elite culture contexts and make some different interpretation results. The image of LIU Sanjie has closely related to the custom of folk singing, which has political propaganda fuction and has new economic fuction when it became the consumption symbols on commercial development. In the new circumstances, the image of LIU Sanjie is not only an aesthetic utopia imagination which has performed minority emotional appeal but also an identity with Zhuang minority.The part of conclusion reviews that the image of LIU Sanjie has been extended to the political, historical, economic, artistic, aesthetic and other fields in different local culture types and different cultural reconstruction, and enjoys more forms of artistic expression, has the infinite connotation and extension, and it’s ambiguity is more prominent, and it’s function is more diverse, as a result it once again returns to the native state of folk culture. Re-classical of the image of LIU Sanjie is necessary to overcome the defects of LIU Sanjie" in the fifties and sixties of the20th century, but also to avoid the lack of significance of popular culture. The core of reconstructing new image of LIU Sanjie is the relation between the image and the national spirit, then these two aspects depend on each other and shape each other also, and the reconstruction of Artistic image needs to deepen, expand and enhance the national spirit.

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