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Studies on the Diversity and Pharmaceutical Chemistry of Endophytic Fungi in Pinellia Ternata

Author: SuZuo
Tutor: KangJiChuan
School: Guizhou University
Course: Microbiology
Keywords: Endophytic fungi Pinellia Ephedrine hydrochloride ITS rDNA Biodiversity
CLC: S567.3
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2009
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Endophytic fungi living in a period of healthy plants, but does not cause obvious infection of fungi on host plant tissue. Some endophytic fungi can produce similar to the host of the active metabolite and become one of the sources of new drugs. The huge number of endophytic fungi, has become the focus of attention as a new microbial resources. In this paper, an important medicinal plant - Pinellia (Pinellia ternata) as the object of study, research the endogenous fungal diversity and its production of active metabolites conditions. The main findings are as follows: a total of 61 endophytic fungi isolated from the different organizations of the eight districts in six provinces of Guizhou, Sichuan, Jiangsu, Yunnan, Shaanxi, Guangxi of Pinellia plant samples from China, after the traditional Morphological and modern molecular biology techniques combined identification results of these endophytic fungi belonging to the four sub-gate, five classes, five orders, 8 families and 11 genera. 11 case: Fusarium Fusarium sp. (Approximately 27.87% of the total), Alternaria genus of Alternaria sp. (Approximately 21.31% of the total), attached coccus Epicoccum sp. (Accounts 13.11% of the total), Mortierella genus Mortierella sp (approximately 9.84% of the total number), the Phoma genus Phoma sp. (approximately 8.20% of the total), Aspergillus Aspergillus sp. (of the total 6.56%), intends to Phoma mildew genus Phomopsis sp (approximately 4.92% of the total number), Mucor genus Mucor sp (approximately 3.28%) of the total number of small whole shell case Plectosphaerella sp (about accounted for 1.64% of the total), to the small crispy handle mushroom genus Psathyrella sp. (approximately 1.64%) of the total number of Schizophyllum genus Schizophyllum sp. (approximately 1.64% of the total number). Endophytic fungi isolated from Amon level at half Amon bacteria known as the dominant flora, mainly on the level of the Gang to Trichosporon Gang Hyphomycetes, accounted for 68.85% of the total, followed by the the Zygomycetes Gang Zygomycetes (13.12 %), Coelomycetes Gang Coelomycetes (13.12%), layer bacteria Gang Hymenomycetes (3.28%), and not the whole capsule bacteria the Gang Plectomycetes (1.64%). The results show that: Pinellia from different parts of the plants, as well as the different tissues same pinellia plants isolated endophytic fungi has a diversity of characteristics. Fusarium Fusarium sp. Advantage genus Pinellia tubers and leaves; to in the Pinellia flower organization, Aspergillus Aspergillus sp. The Schizophyllum genus Schizophyllum sp. Advantage genus; leaves in Pinellia , Mucor Mucor sp. dominant species; Pinellia tubers, small whole shell case Plectosphaerella sp and the small brittle shank mushroom genus Psathyrella sp. dominant species. Regional differences: the small crisp handle mushroom is Psathyrella sp. Is Guangxi's rare genus; small is not the whole shell case Plectosphaerella sp. Guizhou's rare genus; the genus Schizophyllum Schizophyllum sp. Of Yunnan's rare genus. HPLC method using high performance liquid chromatography with TLC method detected three separation from Yunnan, Guizhou and Guangxi Pinellia tuber production of ephedrine hydrochloride fungi and flowers. HPLC test results show the 3 bacteria produce ephedrine hydrochloride, and this three bacteria ephedrine hydrochloride preliminary quantitative calculation. Wherein the strain YS02 ephedrine hydrochloride Yield approximately 7μg / g.

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