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Biodiversity of Root Endophytic Fungi of Betula Ermanii and Environmental Effect Factors in the North Slope of Changbai Mountain Nature Reserve

Author: LvShuZuo
Tutor: JiangHua
School: Liaoning Normal University
Course: Environmental Science
Keywords: Changbai Mountain Betula ermanii endophytic fungi diversity environmentalfactors
CLC: S792.15
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Changbai Mountain, known as "the first mountain in Northeastern China", is located inthe southeastern part of Jilin Province, China. Due to the effect of climate and altitude, themountain is characterized by vertical distribution of vegetation. The birch forest belt whereBetula ermanii Cham is characteristic of the mountain is distributed in elevation of1700-2000m zone in the north slope of Changbai Mountain. The birch forest zone is locatedin between coniferous forest and tundra zones, it is the upper boundary of vertical vegetationin Changbai Mountain. The research is conducted to investigate the diversity of rootendophytic fungi of B.ermanii in the north slope of Changbai Mountain, in order to explorethe environmental effect on biodiversity of root endophytic fungi. It also provides a scientificbasis for preservation and utilization of the root endophytic fungi in Changbai MountainNature Reserve.During July, August and September of2011to2012, the root samples of B. ermanii werecollected in birch forest of about1700m-2000m altitude in Changbai Mountain NatureReserve, Antu County of Yanbian city, Jilin province. According to GPRS indication, fourelevations (1700~1800m,1800~1900m,1900~2000m,2000m) were marked and sampledwith totally120pieces of B.ermanii roots. By means of tissue isolation method, a total of889strains of endophytic fungi were acquired. Based on morphological characteristics andmolecular analysis,31taxa of fungi were identified, they belonged to three genera ofZygomycetes,10genera of Ascomycota, five genera of Basidiomycota and13genera ofanamorphic fungi.47species were isolated and identified according to morphologicalcharacteristics.The study shows that the root endophytic fungal population of B. ermanii were plentifulin fungal diversity, and the species of Penicillium, Trichoderma, Fusarium and Aspergilluswere the dominant fungi. The fungal diversity and distribution patterns were significantlydifferent in the elevations above2000m and the other three elevation. The fungal diversity inthe other three different regions is not obvious. The factors such as altitude and collectingtime show influence on endophytic fungi composition, amount and distribution. The contentof soil organic matter and distribution of endophytic fungi possessed certain correlation. The factors such as soil pH value, soil relative humidity have no obvious effect and endophyticfungal diversity.

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