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Adhesion Molecule P-selectin Expression in Gastric Cancer Peritoneal Metastasis

Author: LiuXuanWen
Tutor: HuXiang
School: Dalian Medical University
Course: Surgery
Keywords: gastric cancer adhesion molecule P-selectin immunol histochemistry
CLC: R735.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Background: Tumor metastasis is an important reason which result from the patient died. The process of metastasis isn’t random. Different tumor cell will metastasis special organ, but the patient often died from Tumor metastasis or relapse. How to prevent effectively, and how to dignose and treat peritoneum metastasis is between the research focus of gastric cancer treatment. Tumor’s biological activity and characterization of peritoneum and lot’s of adhesion molecules expression play important role in the process of gastric cancer metastasis. The latest study shows that P- selectin as a kind of adhesion molecule’s receptor can express in Tumor cells, endothelial cells and platelet. The kind of two-way mediate action of P- selectin can promote infiltrate and metastasis of tumor cell, and adhesion plays two-way role in the process of metastasis. According this theory, the existence, adhesion , shed play an important role in the development, relapse, metastasis and prognosis of tumor.Objective: We tested expression of P- selectin molecules in tissue which gastric cancer cell metastasize peritoneum, and compared to the tissue which gastric cancer cell don’t metastasize peritoneum. To researched the relationship between gastric cancer implantation metastasis and it expression. The effect and meaning of P- selectin plays important roles in the tumor metastasise and invasion. To probe the molecular mechanism of gastric cancer cell’s which metastasize to peritoneum.Method:We selected patient documents which suffered from the subtotal gastrectomy in Dalian medicine university affiliated NO.1 hospital from Jan2002 to Jan2010, and selected 37 paraffin blocks from which patients suffer from gastric cancer peritoneum metastasis. The control group are 10 patient documents which don’t have astric cancer peritoneum metastasis. All of this documents which were enrolled in study don’t receive chemotherapy and radiotherapy. All of this documents are fixed by formalin routinely, and analysed qualltative by the technical of immunol histochemistry this two groups document to research the expression of P-selectin and analyse those two group’s gtvnx the expression of P-selectin and the relationship of clinical pathology parameter.Result: P-selectin express in the blood vessel endothelium of tumor tissue which express in the kytoplasm but at the capillary. P-selectin also express in the tumor cytomembrane.P-selectin express in the tissue which is gastric cancer metastasise cell. 34 documents which are P-selectin express in blood vessel endothelium is postive at 37 document’s group, and the positive rate is 91.89%, 8 documents express in the tumor cytomembrane is positive, the positive rate is 21.6%, but at the control group, there are 4 documents is positive which P-selectin express at blood vessel endothelium, the positive rate is 40%. This two groups have significant difference(p<0.05).P-selectin express in the gtvnx of gastric cancer: About 36 documents, express in the blood vessel endothelium of tumor tissue gtvnx is positive at the 37 groups, positive rate is 97.3%. but at the control group is 4 documents, positive rate is 40%, also have significant difference(p<0.05).We analysed those 37 documents which are gastric cancer peritoneum metastasis and gastric cancer don’t has peritoneum metastasis and gtvnx which is the relationship of clinical pathology parameter. P-selectin express in the gastric cancer peritoneum metastasis is higher than gastric cancer don’t has peritoneum metastasis. P-selectin express at the tumor cell vessel, also in the tumor cytomembrane and also correlation with staging of tumour, the depth of infiltrate, lymphatic metastasis(p<0.05),but patient’s age, gender, the position of tumor and the size of tumor, differentiate level. (p<0.05)Conclusion:P-selectin express in the endothelium cell endochylema which are express in the blood vessel endothelium of tumor tissue, but in capillary, also express in tumor cytomembrane. It express in the blood vessel endothelium of tumor tissue gtvnx is positive is 36 documents at the 37 groups, positive rate is 97.3%. P-selectin express in the gtvns is positive is 5 documents at control group. also have significant difference(p<0.05).Along with development of illness, the P-selectin has a trend which is rising, that is, from the earlier stage of gastric cancer, the progressive stage of gastric cancer, lymphatic metastasis, to the peritoneum metastasis. P-selectin express in the peritoneum metastasis strongly. Maybe P-selectin is an important marker which cooperate with the development of gastric cancer, the lymphatic metastasis of gastric cancer, and peritoneum implantation metastasis.

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