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The Research of Polyphenylene Sulfide FDY Preparation Technology and Performance

Author: LiShuJing
Tutor: ZhangRuiPing
School: Taiyuan University of Technology
Course: Textile Material and Textiles Design
Keywords: linear PPS melt-spinning PPS FDY preparation spinning and drawing one-stage process
CLC: TQ342
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), called the poly-phenylene sulfide, is a new type of high-performance thermoplastic resin, it began commercial production in 1970. Linear PPS resin has good processing performance,it can be prepared of fibers which has a strong chemical resistance, heat resistance, strength, flame resistance, and good textile processing performance. It is mainly used for acid, alkali and organic solvents and resistance to temperature, wear-resistant filtering fabrics, also used for papermaking needled felt, sewing thread,various protective cloth,electrical insulating materials,their monofilament or multifilament yarn fabrics can also be used as fog-removing materials. For example it can be processed into filter felt for high-temperature filtration and chemical corrosive fluids,as a smoke chamber filter bag material in coal-fired power station and rubbish burning station, and also it can in reduce harmful gas emissions effectively, achieve environmental sustainabile.In this experiment, we choose linear PPS resin chips as raw material, use a circular spinneret in the FDY spinning machine to make PPS FDY by the method of melt spinning - drawing step,choose joint cleaning to clean the spinning spinneret components. The article discussed the drying process on the PPS slice slice drying effect and the PPS polymer fiber structure of the original firstly,discussed the impact of f the drying process on the crystal performance and pore structure in detail,following discussed the impact of moisture content in spinning process conditions on spinnability of PPS slices,and then discuss the impact of spinning temperature,cooling conditions, with oil and wet,stretching techniques and spinning speed on PPS fiber aggregation structure and the original fiber structure and morphology and performance. We mainly focused on the impact of spinning temperature, cooling conditions, with oil and wet,stretching techniques and spinning speed on the molecular structure and performance.In testing,we used differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), scanning electron microscopy (SEM),transmission electron microscopy (TEM), SCY—Ⅲsound velocity meter, birefringence meter, semi-automatic single yarn Strength Tester,take boiling water and dry heat shrinkable as means to characterize and analyze the structure and properties of PPS fiber. The results showed that linear PPS slice as raw material,at the process conditions which spinning temperature of 320-332℃,Xu cold temperature of 215-220℃, quench air velocity 0.35m / s, air temperature 19-20℃, stretching temperature of 105Ⅰroll℃,Ⅱroll of 125℃,Ⅲroll of 145℃,draw ratio 4.5-5.0, winding speed of 1000-1500m/s, take melt spinning - drawing-step process can obtain PPS FDY with high crystalline and orientation degree,mechanical-performance, this method process is short,low cost,and its fiber has good quality. Through the study of heat treatment on the PPS filament we knew PPS fiber has higher heat-resistant than polyester, nylon and other conventional chemical fiber, the loss of strength at 190℃is small,it can be used as high-temperature materials in long-term.

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