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Research on the Propulsion of the Gastrointestinal Impetus and Chemical Constituents of Dandelions

Author: WuYanLing
Tutor: PuHuiShan
School: Yanbian University
Course: Medicinal Chemistry
Keywords: Dandelion Prokinetic Chemical Constituents
CLC: R284
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2005
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Dandelion (Herba Taraxaci) commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine, wild around the country. Dandelion bitter, sweet, cold, the liver, kidney and two classics. With heat and detoxifying, reducing swelling, diuretic Tonglin, and clear the air-efficacy. At present, the domestic clinical commonly used prokinetic drug is still very scarce, only cisapride, domperidone several synthetic drugs, cisapride other adverse reactions abroad disabled. So the development of less adverse effects and the role of the pure Chinese motility drugs, has important economic and social benefits. Recent studies have shown a very significant role in strengthening dandelion rabbit stomach and duodenal motility. But its role is limited to the decoction agents crude extracts and their specific the prokinetic parts, composition, mechanism of action and toxicological research at home and abroad has not been reported. Dandelion resources in the Yanbian region is very rich, and use it to develop new prokinetic drugs have important clinical implications, but also on the region's economic development has important practical significance. Dandelion water decoction prokinetic effect is stronger than commonly used prokinetic medicine Atractylodes, no significant difference compared with prokinetic western medicine domperidone. Therefore, the separation of the effective parts of the dandelion to promote gastrointestinal motility, and further to determine its chemical composition, has important theoretical and practical significance. In this study, the impact of carbon degenerate observed dandelion extracts on intestinal propulsion in mice, to determine dandelion ethyl acetate and n-butanol extract has significant pharmacological activity, effective prokinetic parts. N-butanol part of which is slightly stronger than the ethyl acetate fraction, and both significantly stronger than Western medicine cisapride. This experiment thirteen compounds isolated from dandelion whole plant dry, analytical structure of the ten compounds, including a three-terpene compounds, four flavonoids the two benzene acrylic component, two-steroidal alcohol component and a fatty acid composition, they are:; beta-Valley sterols (beta-sitosterol), S1; ferulic acid (ferulic acid), S2; quercetin (quercetin), S3; curcumin (crucumin), S4; daucosterol (daucosterol), S5; the Syzygium the acid (Pimelic acid), S6; oleanolic acid (oleanolic acid), S7; kaempferol (kaempferol) S8; luteolin (luteolin,), S9; quercetin-3-O - rutinoside (quercetin-3-O-rutinoside), S10. S4, S6, S7, S8 for the first time from this plant were isolated. S4, S6, S7 for the first time from this genus were isolated.

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