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  1. Spatial Dynamics of Diffusive Predator-Prey Systems With Stage Structure,ZhangLiang/Lanzhou University,0/22
  2. Spatial Dynamics of Two Class of Periodic and Delayed Reaction-Diffusion Equation,WangShuangMing/Lanzhou University,0/20
  3. Study on the Dynamics of Two Classes Chemostat Models,JiaoJingJing/Shanxi Normal University,0/22
  4. Analysis of a Peirodic Impulsive Predator-prey System with Disease in the Prey,WangLianWen/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/19
  5. The Stability of Certain First Order Impulsive Delay Differential System,WangDaPeng/Shandong Normal University,0/13
  6. Global Properties of Epidemic Model with Nonlinear Incidence Rate,WangXia/Shanxi University,0/8
  7. The Study of Two Types of Vector-borne Disease Models,BaiWei/Shanxi Normal University,0/24
  8. The Dynamics of the Chemostat Competition Model,WangWeiHong/Shanxi Normal University,0/53
  9. Two Kinds of Epidemic Model with Pulse Vaccination,YangXiaoGuang/Lanzhou University of Technology,0/28
  10. Dynamics of Several Biomathematics Models with Impulses,LuJie/Anhui University,0/47
  11. Analysis for Seiqr Epidemic Models with Delay and Quarantine,ZhuYongFang/Anhui University,0/57
  12. Study of a Predator-prey Model with Stage Structure for Prey,XieYanLi/Xinyang Normal University,0/65
  13. Almost Periodic Solutions for Several of Lotka-Volterra Competition System,LiuWei/Jilin University,0/58
  14. Research of Vaccination Control Strategy Based on Virus Spreading on Complex Network,LuKaiRui/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/43
  15. Almost Periodic Solutions for Differential Equations with Delays,YangXiTao/Beijing Normal University,0/164
  16. Effects of Delays on Dynamical Systems in Biology,MengXinZhu/Dalian University of Technology,3/513
  17. Applications of Impulsive Differential Equations in Biological Economics,JiaoJianJun/Dalian University of Technology,2/489
  18. Positive Periodic Solutions for Delay Differential Equations with Applications in Population Models,LiuGuiRong/Shanxi University,0/297
  19. Stability and Bounded Oscillation in Critical for Nonlinear Functuinal Differential Equations,MengQiong/Shanxi University,0/146
  20. Functional Differential Equations linear global attractivity and critical Oscillation,TangXianHua/Hunan University,1/105
  21. The Study of Qualitative Properties of Solutions of Delay Differential Equations,HuXiaoLing/Shanxi University,0/518
  22. Dynamical Behavior Analysis of Special Delay Differential Equations and the Application of Chaos and Fractals,ZhaoDongHua/Fudan University,0/715
  23. Stability theory for the class of differential difference equations,LiXianYi/East China Normal University,6/533
  24. Stability and Bifurcation Analysis on Several Classes of Nonlinear Time-delay Systems,HuHaiJun/Hunan University,0/265
  25. The Toological Classification of Two-Dimensional Lotka-Volterra System and the Global Behavior of Nonautonomous/Random Monotone Systems,CaoFeng/University of Science and Technology of China,0/97
  26. Dynamics of Some Higher Order Rational Difference Equations,YangZuo/Chongqing University,0/110
  27. Analysis on Properties of Some Stochastic Population Models,LvJingLiang/Harbin Institute of Technology,1/212
  28. Neutral Functional Differential Equations Existence and global attractivity,WangKai/Anhui Normal University,0/49
  29. Dynamical Behaviors of Some Difference Equations and the Heat Equation,YaoMingHua/East China Normal University,0/51
  30. Qualitative Analysis of Several Class of Delayed Neural Network Models,ZuoYi/Hunan University,0/72
  31. Study on the Dynamics of Epidemic Model and Impulsive Differential Systems,XueYing/Nanchang University,0/162
  32. Types of eco - mathematical model the dynamic behavior of,DuXiYing/Central South University,0/76
  33. Asymptotic Behavior for Three Types of Ecological Models and the Hopf Bifurcation for a Model of Hematopiesis,WangAiLi/Shaanxi Normal University,1/103
  34. Asymptotic Behavior of Three Ecological Systems,WangDongBao/Shaanxi Normal University,0/76
  35. The Qualitative Study of Several Kinds of Higher Order Nonlinear Difference Equations,CaoJianXin/Hunan University,2/105
  36. The Analysis on Some Lotka-Volterra Facultative Mutualism Systems with Different Delays,XiaoCuiE/Hunan University,0/131
  37. The Study about the Almost Periodic Solution of Differential Equations,XiaYongHui/Fuzhou University,0/96
  38. Global Attractivity and Oscillation of Differential Systems with Multi-delays,YaoZhiJian/Guangxi Normal University,0/36
  39. The Existence and Uniqueness and Stability of Periodic Solutions and Almost Periodic Solutions for a Class of Functional Differential Equations,FangCongNa/Huaqiao University,0/97
  40. Persistent discrete Lotka-Volterra system and the existence of periodic solutions with global attractivity,YuYueHua/Hunan University,0/84
  41. Infinite plaque on a any mature Delay model line wave solutions and with time delay nonlinear CNN system traveling wave solutions and behavior research,LingJiaoXiu/South China Normal University,0/30
  42. Global Asymptotic Stability for Several Nonlinear Rational Difference Equations,MiaoLiMing/Lanzhou University of Technology,1/112
  43. Existence and Uniqueness of Periodic Solutions for Differential Equations with Delays,DengChunHong/Guangxi Normal University,0/83
  44. The Application of Functional Equations in Artificial Neural Networks and Bio-Mathematics,LiaoWenTong/Ocean University of China,0/257
  45. Uniform Persistence, Global Attractivity and Existence of Positive Periodic Solutions of a Two-species Ratio-dependent Predator-prey Diffusion Model with Variable Time Delays,WangDongShu/Huaqiao University,1/77
  46. Asymptotic Behavior of Positive Periodic Solutions of Three Kinds of Ecological Models and the Synchronous Bifurcation for a Weakly Coupled Model with Time Delay,ZhangLei/Shaanxi Normal University,0/60
  47. Asymptotic Property Research for Two Kinds of Ecological Models and Oscillation for Solutions of a Neutral Differential Equations,WuDaiYong/Shaanxi Normal University,1/48
  48. The Existence and Global Attractivity of Positive Periodic Solutions for Several Population Models in Ecology,WangHuiLan/Hunan University,0/143
  49. Qualitative Study on Several Classes of Differential and Difference Equations,JiaZuo/Hunan Normal University,0/58
  50. Study on Several Population Dynamic Systems with Feedback Controls,HeWeiLian/Fuzhou University,0/88

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