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  1. Study on Simulation of supramolecular recognition systems,LuPengFei/Yangzhou University,0/30
  2. Studies on Liposomes Entrapping Cinnarizine Cyclodextrin Inclusion Complex,JiaZengRong/Shenyang Pharmaceutical University,0/86
  3. Degradation Mechanism and Mateiral Behaviors Analysis of the Inclusion Complexes of Sinomenine to Cyclodextrins,ZhuShiLong/Jishou University,1/199
  4. Preparation,Property and Control Release for β-Cyclodextrin-Liposome Synthesized by Supercritical CO2Method,KongLiGang/East China University of Science and Technology,0/62
  5. The Studies of the Host-guest Interaction between Naphthalene Surfactants and Cucurbituril,XiongChangHe/Nanchang University,0/71
  6. Inclusion of Doxorubicin/HP-β-CD and Its Application in Magnetic Drug Targeting Delivery,ZhangHua/Northwestern University,3/722
  7. Molecular Recognition of β-Cyclodextrin to Nitro-compounds and Its Catalysis,ZhangMin/Northwestern University,1/444
  8. 1.Molecular Recognition between Cyclodextrin and Costa-type Complex 2.Study of Cyclodextrin Pseudorotaxane and Metalo-rotaxane,ShenXuJie/Nanjing University,0/248
  9. Novel Me-β-CD Inclusion Complex Functionalized and Its Applications in Polymer,LiZuoJing/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,1/717
  10. Molecular Simulation on the Complexation of Cyclodextrin,YuYanMin/University of Science and Technology of China,3/1126
  11. Molecular dynamics simulation based applications and theory,YinKaiLiang/Zhejiang University,23/2670
  12. The Study on Separation of Aloe Bioactive Components and Chiral Compounds Base on Temperature Induced Aqueous Two Phase Extraction System,XingJianMin/Central South University,0/91
  13. Study on the Synthesis of Sulfopropyl Ether β-cyclodextrin and Their Inclusion Compound with Fluconazole,SongAiJing/Chongqing University,3/227
  14. Studies on Solubility Enhancement of Fumaric Acid by Inclusion Complexes with Cyclodextrin and Its Derivatives,ShiHongCui/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/279
  15. The Study on the Method for the Analysis of Quinolones and Biomacromolecules by Fluoremitry and Its Application,TaoYuLong/Inner Mongolia University,1/195
  16. Studies on the Preparation of Inclution Complexes of Osthol-β-Cycclodextrin and Absorption Through Nasal Membrane and Skin,SongJingYa/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,0/234
  17. The melon Central induced condensed ring aromatic hydrocarbons, organic pollutants at room temperature phosphorescence studies,MouLan/Guizhou University,0/87
  18. Study on the Synthesis of Sulfobutyl Ether β-cyclodextrin and Their Inclusion Compound with Azithromycin,LiuChunDong/Chongqing University,2/304
  19. Inclusion of β-Cyclodextrin and Its Polylactide-grafted Copolymer with Some Aromatic Amino Acids and Insulin,ZhouLiBin/Tianjin Polytechnic University,0/284
  20. Investigation on Oscillographic Behavior of β-Cyclodextrin and Its Application,TaoFuFang/Northwestern University,0/45
  21. Study of Supramolecular Inclusion Complexes of β-cyclodextrin and Its Derivatives,SunYanChun/Northwest Normal University,2/498
  22. Study on Bioconversion of Steriods in the Presence of β-Cyclodextrin,WangChao/Tianjin University of Science and Technology,4/281
  23. Study on the Supramolccular Interaction of Cucurbiturils and Aromatic Hydrocarbon Compounds,WangZuo/Guizhou University,2/102
  24. The study of the interaction of melon ring and benzimidazole derivatives,GeJunYing/Guizhou University,1/97
  25. The ER material design synthesis and properties of,JiaYunLing/Hebei Normal,0/64
  26. The Study of Synthesis and Molecular Recognition of Calix[4]pyrrole,DingQingWei/Shanxi University,0/157
  27. Inclusion of β-cyclodextrin with Cationic and Acid Dyes and the Influence on Dyeing Performance,QiuHongJuan/Suzhou University,0/176
  28. The Inclusion Research of β-Cyclodextrin and Three Aromatic Guest Molecules,BaoFeng/Tianjin University,0/133
  29. The Structure Research of β-Cyclodextrin Inclusion Complexes with Aromatic Guest Molecules,SunCongShan/Tianjin University,0/192
  30. Study on the Inclusion Complexes of Some Essences with MCT-β-Cyclodextrin,FengYiFei/Tianjin University,0/100
  31. Study on Soap-free Emulsion Polymerization of Styrenes Mediated by Cyclodextrin,HuangRong/Jiangsu University,0/66
  32. Preparation, Identification and Evaluation of Retinamidoester/HP-β-CD Inclusion Complex,YangDongXia/Shandong University,0/192
  33. Study on Inclusion Compound of Cyclodextrin Derivatives and Paeonol,ZhangRongFa/Chongqing University,2/155
  34. Of stimulus responsive block / comb-shaped copolymers of DMAEMA - based synthesis and properties of,DanZuo/Qingdao University,0/146
  35. Synthesis and Characterization of Perfumes and Their Water-Soluble Supermoleculer,CuiNaiZuo/Tianjin University,0/73
  36. Process and Mechanism of Inclusion with Cinnamaldehyde and Its Inclusive Performance,WuHaiBo/Guangdong University of Technology,0/53
  37. Study on the Interaction of Cucurbiturils with Viologen Derivatives and Buflomedil,YangXiaoNa/Zhengzhou University,0/57
  38. The Study and Application of Cyclodextrin in the Medication Analysis,GongBin/Shandong Normal University,0/267
  39. The Preparation of Inclusion Complex of Water Insoluble β-cyclodextrin Polymer with Chromogenic Agent and Their Chromogenic Reaction Researching for Heavy Metal Ions,JiangChengSong/Nanchang University,1/28
  40. Formation of Cyclodextrins Inclusion Complexes with Cortisone Acetate and Influence on 1-en-dehydrogenation of Cortisone Acetate,MaYinHu/Tianjin University of Science and Technology,0/38
  41. The Studies of the Synthesis of a Series of Naphthalene Cationic Surfactants and Host-Guest Inclusion Behaviors,GaoChunZhi/Nanchang University,1/29
  42. The Synthesis of Several Cucurbiturils and Their Application in Analytical Chemistry,YangJuan/Anhui Normal University,0/30

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