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  1. Mitigation Effects of Polyaspartic Acid on Soybean Subject to Water Stress,GuZhongXu/Nanjing Agricultural College,0/4
  2. Study on Modified Technology Environment Sensitive Interpenetrating Polymer Networ Hygrogel,LiuMiaoMiao/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,0/85
  3. The Synthesis and Scale Inhibition Mechanism of Polyaspartic Acid as a Green Scale Inhibitor,ZhangErChi/Qingdao University of Science and Technology,0/136
  4. Study on the Synthesis and Performance of Polyaspartic Acid and Its Derivatives,WangDaYong/Yangtze University,0/236
  5. Imidazolium ionic liquids in the microwave synthesis of poly aspartic acid,SunZhe/Heilongjiang University,1/64
  6. Research on Both Polyaspartic Acid- Based Scale Inhibition Dispersing Agents and Their Synergistic Scale Inhibition Effect with Magnetic Field,LiuZhenFa/Hebei University of Technology,1/402
  7. Preparation and Characterization of Polyelectrolyte Complex Nanoparticles Based on Chitosan and the Primary Study on Their Drug-loaded Properties,ZhengYongLi/Fudan University,1/935
  8. Synthesis and Application of Polyaspartic Acid,LengYiXin/Nanjing University of Technology,2/1215
  9. Synthesis of biodegradable amphiphilic polyaspartic acid derivatives and pH sensitivity study,WangYong/Nankai University,0/504
  10. Polymer Incuced Nanoscale Assembly and Crystallization Process,ShiYi/Fudan University,0/132
  11. Introdction of β-Cyclodextrin into Copolymer Matrix and Its Inclusion Adsorption Properties,SunChaoYang/East China University of Science and Technology,0/360
  12. Synthesis and Performance Research of Polyaspartic Acid Derivative,GaoYuHua/Hebei University of Technology,0/133
  13. Synthesis of Polyaspartic Acid as a Gree Scale Inhibitor Using Microwave and It’s Performance Evaluation,ZhangLei/Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering,1/247
  14. Study on Adhesive with Fast-speed Curing at Room Temperature and High Adhesive Force,LiuPei/Wuhan University of Technology,1/494
  15. Study on Corrosion Inhibition Effect and Inhibition Mechanism of Polyaspartic Acid to Carbon Steel in Oxalic Acid Solution,HaiXia/Hebei Normal,0/106
  16. Preparation and Performance Studies of Imidazoline Corrosion Inhibitor and Polyaspartic Acid,WangXinGang/Dalian Jiaotong University,0/343
  17. Synthesis of Thermoresponsive Hydrogels Cross-Linked with Acryloyloxyethylamino-Polysuccinimide,LiZhongZhen/Qingdao University of Science and Technology,0/160
  18. The Experimental Study on the Cleaning and Prevening of Sulfate Crystal in Bittern Transportation Pipeline Endophragm,ZhengQiuHua/China University of Petroleum,1/160
  19. Synthesis and Performance Research of Polyaspartic Acid Graft Copolymers,ZuoMeiFang/Hebei University of Technology,7/228
  20. New Probes into the Way to Reinforce Hydrogen Peroxide Bleaching of Pulp,DongZhiJian/Northeast Forestry University,7/350
  21. The Synthesis and Application of Polyaspartic Acid as a Newly Biologic High Molecular Polymer,ZhouJun/Northwestern University,8/620
  22. Study on Synergistic Water Treatment Technology of the Rare-Earth Permanent Magnetic Material and Environmental Friendly Polymer,FuCuiQing/Hebei University of Technology,5/159
  23. The Synthesis and Performance Evaluation of the Green Scale Inhibiter, Polyaspartic Acid,ZhaoHai/Daqing Petroleum Institute,5/484
  24. Study on Viscosity Reducing Property of Polyaspartic Acid,WuZuo/Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering,1/192
  25. Study on Corrosion Inhibition Effect of Polyaspartic Acid to Carbon Steel in Tap Water,LiuYingHua/Hebei Normal,2/184
  26. The Investigation on Corrosion Inhibition Effect and Mechanism of Polyaspartic Acid to Copper in HCl Solution,JiaYanXia/Hebei Normal,10/134
  27. Study on Anti-Scaling Mechanism of Magnetic Water and Synergistic Scale-Inhibition Effect of Magnetism and Polyaspartic Acid,ZhangDongSheng/Hebei University of Technology,0/289
  28. Study on Preparation and Scale Inhibition of a Environment-Friendly Scale Inhibitor,LiTieFeng/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,6/475
  29. Preparation and Characterization of Polyaspartic Acid,GuoBaiTao/Nanjing University of Technology,3/419
  30. Synthesis and Properties of Polyaspartic Acid as a Green Water Treatment Agent,YangXiDong/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,5/474
  31. Study on Corrosion Inhibition Effect of Polyaspartic Acid to Carbon Steel in H2SO4 Solution,CuiRongJing/Hebei Normal,4/169
  32. Studies on Synthesis of Environmental Friendly Water Treatment Agent and Its Performances,LiDong/Hebei University of Technology,0/218
  33. Preparation of aspartic acid monomers and polymers,XingYaJun/North China Institute of Technology,3/351
  34. Aspartic acid - glutamic acid copolymer Synthesis and performance study,WangHaiTang/Heilongjiang University,0/87
  35. Modification and Characterization of polyaspartic acid,GengChao/Northwestern University,5/202
  36. The Research of Improvement and Pollution Control during the Synthesis of Polyaspartic Acid under Microwave Irradiation,WeiLin/Northeast Agricultural University,1/132
  37. Preparation and Characterization of Polyelectrolyte Composite Microspheres Based on Chitosan,WangChunXu/Fudan University,0/242
  38. Thermal polymerization of aspartic acid modified,MaHong/Heilongjiang University,1/80
  39. The Primary Study on Miglitol Coated with Polyelectrolyte Complex Nanoparticles Based on Chitosan Including Preparation, Characterization and Optimization,HuangWeiHua/Fudan University,0/88
  40. Study of Environment-friendly Tungstate-based Water Treatment Agents,MaJingHui/Tianjin University,1/133
  41. A Pilot Study of Normal Rabbit’s Cerebral Perfusion Using Polyaspartic Acid Surface Modified Ultrasmall Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Particles on MR.,LiuKun/Jilin University,0/21
  42. Scale-inhibition Properties of Polyaspartic Acid,ZuoHaiHua/Hunan University,0/155
  43. Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes with Modified Poly(Aspartic Acid),YangMei/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,0/80
  44. Studies on the Extraction and Separation Technology of Heavy Metals in Sewage Sludge,ZhangHua/Tongji University,0/80
  45. Experimental Studies on Green Water Quality Stabilizer for Circulating Cooling Water of Power Plant,YaoYaKun/North China Electric Power University,0/45
  46. Synthesis and Scale Inhibition of Polyaspatic Acid Polymers,QianZuoZuo/Shandong University,1/84
  47. A Study on Anticorrosion and Scale Inhibition Slowness Release Technology in Oily Sewage of Alkali-Surfactant-Polymer Flooding,WangHongLei/Northeast University of Petroleum,0/127
  48. Development and Performances of an Environmentally Friendly Corrosion Scale Inhibitor,ChenZuo/Wuhan University of Technology,0/97
  49. Study on Synthesis of Polyaspartic Acid and Its Scale Corrosion Inhibition Performance,ChenShun/Chongqing University,2/454

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