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  1. Ouantum Phase Transition and Dynamical Properties of Multi-component Ultracold Bosons,HuiNingJu/Zhejiang University,0/34
  2. Low-temperature Electrical Transport Study of Qusi-1D Doubly Connected Superconducting Cylinder of Al,WangYaZhe/Zhejiang University,0/2
  3. Disorder, Quantum Phase Transition and Topological States in Correlated Electron Systems,ChenHua/Zhejiang University,0/94
  4. Dynamical Behaviors in the Vicinity of the Quantum Phase Transitions and Their Semiclassical Studies,QinPinQuan/University of Science and Technology of China,0/50
  5. Quantum Correlation and Information Transport in Spin Boson Systems,WangChen/Zhejiang University,0/42
  6. Ground-state Energy and the Entanglement of Two Coupled Oscillators,CuiXiaoYue/Liaoning Normal University,0/1
  7. Theoretical Study of Quantum Information Pro-Cessing in Cavity QED and Spin Systems,HuZhengDa/Zhejiang University,0/61
  8. Quantum Correlations in the Spin Chains and Quantum Phase Transitions,TanXiaoDong/Wenzhou University,0/43
  9. Studies on Dynamics Evolution of Quantum Discord in Heisenberg Model,XieMeiQiu/Wuhan University of Technology,0/21
  10. Quantum Phase Transitions and Non-Fermi Liquid Behaviors in Dirac Fermion Systems,WangJingRong/University of Science and Technology of China,0/18
  11. Preparation and Physical Properties of the Heavy Fermion Compounds R2T12As7(R=Ce,Yb;T=Ni,Pd,Co),YangLin/Zhejiang University,0/46
  12. Numerical Research of Topologically Ordered Phase in Low Dimensional Strongly Correlated Many Body Systems,ZhengDong/Tsinghua University,0/113
  13. The Study on the Dynamics of the Atom-cavity System in Strong Coupling Regime,ZhangYuQing/Lanzhou University,0/97
  14. The Influences of Detuning on the Superfluid-Insulator Phase Transition In Coupled Dissipative Cavity Arrays,BaoJia/Lanzhou University,0/0
  15. Quantum Discord and Quantum Phase Transition in Heisenberg Spin Chain,FanChuHui/Hangzhou Normal University,0/23
  16. Adiabatic geometric phase of ultra cold atoms,LiShengChang/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/105
  17. Non-linear Quantum Tunneling of Bose-Einstein Condensates,LiuJiLi/Shanxi University,0/234
  18. Quantum Information Processing and Quantum Simulation with Superconducting Devices,DuLiangHui/University of Science and Technology of China,0/221
  19. Phase Transitions and Their Controllability in Quantum Many-body Systems,LianJinLing/Shanxi University,0/10
  20. Quantum Phase Transition and the Ground-state Fidelity from Tensor Network Representations,WangHongLei/Chongqing University,0/60
  21. Quantum Phase Transitions and Many-body Effects in Strongly Correlated Triple Quantum Dots Systems,XiongYongChen/Wuhan University,0/68
  22. Geometric Entanglement and Quantum Critical Phenomena,LiuJinHua/Chongqing University,0/66
  23. Wave Packet Diffusions and Quantum Phase Transitions in One-dimensional Complex Systems,ZhangZhenJun/Nanjing Normal University,0/42
  24. Theoretical Study on the Dynamics of Two-level Systems in Special Environments,WangLinCheng/Dalian University of Technology,0/227
  25. Quantum Entanglement in Spin Systems,HeMingMing/Shanxi University,1/442
  26. Theoretical Study on the Geometric Phase and Quantum Entanglement in Quantum Systems,CuiHaiTao/Dalian University of Technology,0/312
  27. Quantum Entanglement and Decoherence,CaiJianMing/University of Science and Technology of China,1/1066
  28. Study of Some Questions of the Dissipation of Open Quantum System,JingJun/Shanghai Jiaotong University,1/321
  29. Theoretical Problems in Spinor Bose-Einstein Condensation,ChengRong/Shanxi University,1/334
  30. One -dimensional particle excitation spectra of related systems,NingWenQiang/Fudan University,0/179
  31. Phase and phase transitions in the two-dimensional interaction model,ChenHuiMin/Fudan University,0/72
  32. Quantum Phase Transitions in Topological Quantum Spin Systems,ShiXiaoFeng/Fudan University,0/120
  33. Quantum Entanglement and Quantum Phase Transition in Low-dimensional Systems,SunZhaoYu/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/386
  34. Phase Transition of Two-Component Ultra-Cold Atoms in Optical Lattices,GuoLiPing/Shanxi University,0/107
  35. Magnetic Ordering, Ferroelectric and Thermodynamic Properties in Low-dimensional Organic Quantum Magnets,DingLinJie/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/103
  36. Quantum Entanglement and Fidelity in Condensed Matter Systems,SunZhe/Zhejiang University,0/116
  37. Quantum Criticality in Ni3Al Alloy and Magnetic Dichalcogenides,YangJinHu/Zhejiang University,0/44
  38. Theoretical Research on Quantum Correlation and Quantum Phase Transition in Cavity QED Systems.,LiuZhongJu/Dalian University of Technology,0/59
  39. Entanglement, Decoherence and Quantum Phase Transition in Low-Dimensional Spin Chain,ChengWeiWen/Nanjing University,0/226
  40. Class C antiferromagnetic model entanglement and phase transitions,ChangPing/Yanbian University,0/26
  41. A Description of Nuclear Triaxiality in the Interacting Boson Model,LiYongFan/Liaoning Normal University,1/58
  42. Exact Soliton Solution of the Spin Chain in a Plane Wave Background and Quantum Phase Transition of the Dipolar Bosons in Optical Lattices,LiQiuYan/Sichuan Normal University,0/109
  43. Quantum Phase Transitions in the Interacting Boson Model of Nuclei,WangTao/Liaoning Normal University,1/106
  44. One-dimensional quantum spin system entangled mixed,WangFei/Central South University,0/133
  45. Dynamic Sensitivity Based on the Coherent Properties of Atomic Ensembles,HuangJinFeng/Hunan Normal University,0/24
  46. Study on Transitional Region of the Interacting Boson Model with the Three-body Term,HuoYunShuang/Liaoning Normal University,1/10
  47. Exact Solutions and Quantum Phase Transitions in the One-Dimensional Bose-Hubbard Model,MaZuo/Liaoning Normal University,0/86
  48. Study of the Phase Transition in Quenched Disorder System on Small World Networks,LiuJiaXue/Qufu Normal University,0/46
  49. Quantum Entanglement and Quantum Phase Transition in the XY Model with Staggered Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction,MaFuWu/Qufu Normal University,0/91
  50. Quantum Phase Transition of 1D Infinite Three-state Potts Model Based on iMPS Algorithm,DaiYanWei/Chongqing University,0/18

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