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  1. Raman Spectrum On-line Monitoring in Aspirin Synthesis Process,SunKuo/,0/43
  2. Studies on the Interaction of Flavones and Serum Albumin in the Prescence of Metal Ions and Its Application in Analytical Chemistry,LiZuo/Chengdu University of Technology,0/36
  3. Optimization of Research and Application of FP Method Analysis Technology Without Sample in EDXRF,LiuMin/Chengdu University of Technology,0/13
  4. Phenoxazinium Based Fluorescence Probes for Cation Ions:Synthesis and Properties,ZhangQianQian/Suzhou University,0/19
  5. Design and synthesis of cholesterol derivatives of pyrene and its sensing properties,ZhaoZuoRu/Shaanxi Normal University,0/13
  6. Quantum Dot Labeling for Bisphenol a Hapten and Its Application in Immunoassay,WangHui/Yangzhou University,0/39
  7. Study on Lumino -H2O2 chemiluminescence method for the determination of drugs of the new method,KouJuan/Shaanxi Normal University,0/106
  8. Study on gold nanoparticles of CdTe quantum dot fluorescence quenching,DuanXiaoYan/Shaanxi Normal University,0/53
  9. Study on the interaction of fluorescent carbon and silica composite paper,WeiWei/Shaanxi Normal University,0/109
  10. Study of DNA fluorescent biosensors based on ion input logic gate,ZhaoYiNa/Shaanxi Normal University,0/80
  11. Application of Noble Metal and Semiconductor Nanoparticles in the Chemiluminescence System,QianLi/Anhui Normal University,0/21
  12. Studies on Luminescence Properties of CdTe QDs Capped with Different Stabilizers and Its Analytical Application,YinXunXun/Anhui Normal University,0/108
  13. Synthesis of pH-sensitive Fluorescent Probes and Their Applications in Monitoring pH in Living Cells,CuiPeng/Anhui Normal University,0/50
  14. Synthesis of Water-soluble Quantum Dots and Their Application in Food Analysis,FanPing/Xiangtan University,0/134
  15. Bindinog of4'-phenyl-3-bromo-8-[N,N-bis(2-hydroxyethyl) Aminomethyl] Flavone to Micro-biomolecular,WangRuiLing/Jiangxi Normal University,0/28
  16. Study on Determination of Copper,Manganese and Selenium by Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry,TangQiong/Guangxi University,0/261
  17. Study of Fe3+-H2O2-Calcein Weak Chemiluminescence System and Its Application in Pharmaceuticals Determination,QiuXiaLin/Guangxi University,0/49
  18. The Preparation of Gold Nanoparticles and the Applications in Detection of Copper Ions,LiuRuiLi/Yantai University,0/142
  19. The Effect of Environmental Factors on Fluorescence Property of Humic Acid,YuanYuan/Zhejiang University of Technology,0/60
  20. The Synthesis of Carbon Nanoparticles (CNPs) and the Interaction between CNPs and Biological Molecules,ChenZuo/Northeast Normal University,0/349
  21. Studying of Membrane Protein and Surface Enhanced Substrate by Surface-enhanced Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy,CaoFengJuan/Northeast Normal University,0/23
  22. Synthesis of Carboxyl Functionalized Fluorescent CdSe/ZnS Quantum Dots-polystyrene Composite Microspheres by Miniemulsion Polymerization and Their Application,MaoMao/Henan University,0/98
  23. Study of Optimal Model for Nondestructive Detection of Kiwifruit, Peach and Pear Quality Characteristic by Nir Spectroscopy,WangMingHai/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/146
  24. The spectroscopic and electrochemical study of amino acid biological molecular corrosion inhibition of copper,SongPing/Shanghai Normal University,0/46
  25. The Synthesis of Ⅱ-Ⅵ Group Semiconductor Nano-Fluorescent Probes and Their Application in Pharmaceutical Analysis,ChengZuo/Shanghai University,0/1
  26. Fabrication of Label-Free Optical Probes and Multimodal Imaging Probe,SunShaoKai/Nankai University,0/21
  27. Fabrication of Near-infrared Fluorescent Quantum Dots-based Probes for Bioimaging,WangYong/Nankai University,0/65
  28. Preparation and Application of the Fluorescent Probes and Fluorescent Bar Codes Based on QDs and Au Nanoclusters,WangYanQin/Nankai University,0/74
  29. Near-infrared Spectroscopy for Microanalysis with Functional Enrichment Materials,NingYu/Nankai University,0/7
  30. Preparation and Detection Applications of SERS-active Substrates,LiRan/University of Science and Technology of China,0/115
  31. Study on the Enhanced Luminol Chemiluminescence System and Its Related Applications,ChenXiaoLan/Central South University,0/236
  32. Study on Optical Biosensing Based on Functionalized Nanoparticles,CuiXiang/Shaanxi Normal University,0/215
  33. Development of Water-Soluble Thiophene Conjugated Polymer-Based Optical Analytical Method and Application,LiuMei/Shaanxi Normal University,0/114
  34. New Fluorescent Probes Based on Rohdamine B Spirolactam,ZhouYu/Xiangtan University,0/87
  35. DNA Influenced Energy Transfer in Self-assemble Multilayer and Fluorescence Sensing,SunYanFeng/Huaqiao University,0/1
  36. Synthesis and Analytical Application of Novel Fluorescent Hg2+ Probes Derived from Rhodamine Fluorophore,LiuShiKun/Shandong Agricultural University,0/16
  37. Synthesis of Fluorescent Gold Nanoparticles and Their Applications in Chemical and Biological Sensing,DuYi/Hunan University,0/62
  38. The Preparation of Synthesis Quantum Dots in Aqueous Solutio and Fluorescence Spectrum Coding Based on Quantum Dots,DongMeiZuo/Zhejiang Normal University,0/60
  39. Synthesis of Quantum Dots and SIO2Encoding Fluorescent Nanoparticles Based on Quantum Dots and Fluorescent Dyes,LiuShuXian/Zhejiang Normal University,0/69
  40. Chemical Sensor to Indentify Hg2+ is Generated in Wide pH and Based on the High Quantum Yield,GeMiao/Central South University for Nationalities,0/2
  41. Research of Determination of Heavy Metal Migration in Food Contact Materials,FangZuo/Shanghai Jiaotong University,1/0
  42. Application of Kinetic Spectrophotometric Methods for Analysis of Some Complex Environment and Food Systems,WangPing/Nanchang University,0/31
  43. Novel Biosensing Technology Based on Nanomaterials,LiangManFen/Hunan University,0/55
  44. Synthesis of the Novel Fluorescent Probes of SO32-/N2H4/F-and Investigation of Spectral Properties,ZhuZuoZuo/Hunan University,0/70
  45. Investigation of New Fluorescent Biosensors Based on Copper Nanoparticles and Molecular Beacon,LiuYaRu/Hunan University,0/52
  46. Quantitative Raman Spectroscopic Analysis of Heterogeneous Systems: Theory and Applications,YangJing/Hunan University,0/63
  47. New Fluorescence Methods for Acetylcholinesterase and Related Substances,HanWenZuo/Hunan University,0/40
  48. The Application of Octa-carboxylic Pthalocyanine Aluminum in Fluorescence Analysis,LiuFeng/Hubei Normal University,,0/28
  49. The Study on the Application of Functional Nanoparticles in Metal Ions Determination,ShangYan/Nanchang University,0/40
  50. Coumarin and Resorufin-based Fluorescent Probes:Molecular Design,Synthesis and Properties,WangBoLin/Hunan University,0/58

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