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  1. The comparative study between Korean and Chinese Private Education,WangYeZhou/Shanghai International Studies University,0/69
  2. A comparative study on the new village movement in Korea and Chinese of new rural construction,YuZhi/Shanghai International Studies University,0/154
  3. Look at the Korean national culture consciousness from "Fuji soil",ZhangHong/,0/2
  4. The policy of Korean culture industry export promotion to movie and TV, game, music as the center,PuXing/Shanghai International Studies University,0/529
  5. Comparative study on talent cultivation of cultural industry of Korea and China Policy,GaoPanPan/Shanghai International Studies University,0/198
  6. A Comparative Study between the Korean TV Drama "Dae Jang Geum" and the Japanese TV Drama "Oshin",CuiYiHua/Yanbian University,0/112
  7. Study on Affixes of Khmer,YangYing/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/20
  8. A Brief Study on the Final Endings of Korean Sort by Sentential Type's Counterpart in Chinese,ZhangZuo/Yanbian University,0/6
  9. A comparative study of conceptual metaphors of "words" in South Korea,HanMengDong/Shanghai International Studies University,0/51
  10. Comparative study of conceptual metaphor and temperature,CaoLin/Shanghai International Studies University,0/46
  11. Comparative study of Chinese and Korean multinomial adverbial word order,LiuYing/,0/25
  12. Comparative study of verb polysemy and configuration,FanXiaoNa/Shanghai International Studies University,0/1
  13. Impact of Chuang-tzu philosophy on North Korea later secret theory,QiuFeng/,0/22
  14. A Study for Zheng Zhirong's Skills of Vocabulary Stylistics in His Poetries,LiSong/Yanbian University,0/18
  15. Study of early modern poetry of Xu Tingzhu,LiShu/Beijing International Studies University,0/3
  16. A comparative study on Chinese and Korean big folk stories,LiWenHua/,0/22
  17. Comparison of 1920's Lu Xun and Xuan Zhenjian works in the image with a short story as the center,ChenXiaoFeng/Shanghai International Studies University,0/66
  18. Comparative study of public awareness and writer in 1920 to 30 years and the rickshaw pullers novels as the center,WangMeng/Shanghai International Studies University,0/40
  19. Li box "wings" and Lu Xun's "Diary of a madman" comparative study of the heroine image analysis.,WuLiMin/,0/3
  20. Since twentieth Century, China and South Korea literature translation of the novel as the center,WuYinYin/,0/1
  21. "The romance of the Three Kingdoms" novels in the translation of cultural elements method study on Idiom Translation Center,RenLiRong/,0/0
  22. A Comparative Study of Thai Story "the Golden Conch" and Xishuangbanna Dai Story "a Person with a Cicada Face",ShiMeiJiao/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/28
  23. Comparative study of Pingyao County and water Hua Yuan city tourism resources development mode,SunZuoZuo/Yantai University,0/2
  24. The formation, characteristics and new changes of the relationship between China and Korea,NiYue/Shanghai International Studies University,0/291
  25. The role of six party talks on the DPRK nuclear issue,WuXiaoZuo/Shanghai International Studies University,0/124
  26. South Korean politics of regionalism,ZhuXiaoMeng/Shanghai International Studies University,0/21
  27. A Study on the Development of Overseas Chinese in Korea and Korea Government’s Relevant Policies,ZhangQiuYi/Shanghai International Studies University,0/65
  28. Between China and the United States adversary game and alliance game in the Korean War and the North Korean nuclear issue in the Korean Peninsula as the center,JiHong/Shanghai International Studies University,0/641
  29. Comparision of the Water Worship between the Zhuang-China and the Lao-Lao,ZuoYuZhu/Guangxi University for Nationalities,0/91
  30. Social-identity Recognition Transformation of the Oversea Chinese Community in Vietnam Since1945,YuJie/Guangxi University for Nationalities,0/187
  31. The history and reality of the three eight line,ChenPeiPei/Shanghai International Studies University,0/34
  32. Influence of nationalism in South Korea after the cold war and cooperation in Northeast Asia,WeiZuo/Shanghai International Studies University,0/40
  33. Research on Kuiling’s Dongshijishishilue,XiuXue/Shandong University,0/13
  34. Comparative study of the intangible cultural heritage of China and South Korea support policy to Wuyuan Nuo and river back to other gods masquerade as the center,MaJun/Yantai University,0/9
  35. Study of Korean tiger culture in language and in the daily life of the tiger as the center,SunHaiFeng/Sichuan International Studies University,0/92
  36. From Ballad and Common Saying Analysis of the Vietnamese Rice Culture,ZhouZuo/Guangxi University for Nationalities,0/104
  37. Study on Korean willow culture,FuLiRong/Sichuan International Studies University,0/14
  38. The Comparative Study about Dragon Totem in the Relationship between Vietnam and China,PanHuaFang/Guangxi University for Nationalities,0/191
  39. Korean Confucian filial piety and the Korean modern nuclear family,ZhangHuiYe/,0/25
  40. Research status and Prospect of the cultural industry of China and South Korea,ZongLiNing/Shanghai International Studies University,0/529
  41. Study of Confucian culture function of Korean rural school academy,NieBaoMei/Shandong University,0/105
  42. Comparison of the Rice Worship between the Zhuang-China and Lao-Laos,HeCuiJu/Guangxi University for Nationalities,0/62
  43. Ni Qian’s Cultural Communications with Joseon and His Contributions,NiuQiFang/Shandong University,0/28
  44. An Intercultural Study of Traditional Burmese Festivals,HuangJing/Guangxi University for Nationalities,0/73
  45. A comparative study on Chinese and Korean dragon boat culture,WenZuo/Sichuan International Studies University,0/152
  46. The Study of Culture on the Thai’s Patterns,HeLei/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/175
  47. Present Situation of Korean Minority Living in Scattered Group Analysed Under the Coexistence of Diverse Circumstances,JiangZheRong/Yanbian University,0/16
  48. Association of the TV series "Heroes" and Chun Xiang "biography of Chun Xiang" s Classical Novels,FangWei/Jilin University,0/126
  49. A comparative study of Hsiao-Hsien Hou and Kim Ki-duk's marginal theme movie creation,ChenXiaoJun/Yantai University,0/7
  50. Comparative study of Korean masque and Chinese Sichuan Opera,ZhaoYanNi/,0/45

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