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  1. The Theoretical and Numerical Research of Holographic Dark Energy Model,ZhangZhenHui/University of Science and Technology of China,0/148
  2. A Simulation Study of Pulsar Observing Capability of Large Radio Telescopes,ALiMu·KeLiMu/Xinjiang University,0/33
  3. The Research of Typical Wetland Plants Spectra and Its Database System,GanDiLong/Hangzhou Normal University,0/38
  4. IC-PIC Matrix Method and Its Applications in Phylogeny of DNA Viruses,GaoYang/Inner Mongolia University,0/27
  5. The Analysis on the Combinatorial Patterns of Histone Modifications in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae,CuiXiangJun/Inner Mongolia University,0/78
  6. The only reconstruction problem about K strings. A tentative model of evolution and sequence,LiQiang/Fudan University,0/21
  7. The Thermodynamic Properties and Experimental Evaluation of the Mir-29MicroRNA Family Targeting the Same mMNA3’UTR,YuChunYi/Central China Normal University,0/47
  8. A Nonlinear Dynamical Model of the Pulsatile Secretion of Neuro-endocrine Growth Axis and It’s Solution,BaHeTiGuLi·ASiLiBieKe/Northeast Normal University,0/6
  9. Folding and Dynamics Research of Non-coding RNA,GongZhou/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/127
  10. An Efficient Method for Dealing with Missing Data in Homology Modeling,LiuAiPeng/North China Electric Power University,0/20
  11. The Study on Statistical Dihedral Angles Potentials in Protein Structure Prediction,WeiYanYu/Central China Normal University,0/35
  12. Experimental Study and Modeling of Mir-7and Mir-153Interaction with the MRNA,BaoChun/Central China Normal University,0/49
  13. Research on Interaction Mechanism of Biological Macromolecules,GuoDaChuan/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/108
  14. Computational Prediction of Non-coding RNA Structures,ZhaoYunJie/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/371
  15. Interaction between Exon-exon Sequences and Intron Sequences,ZhangQiang/Inner Mongolia University,0/10
  16. Analysis on the Interaction between Post-Spliced Introns and Their Corresponding Mrna,ZhaoXiaoQing/Inner Mongolia University,0/26
  17. Predicting Nucleosome Binding Motifs and Analyzing Their Distributions Around Functional Sites of Human Genes,BaoTongLaGa/Inner Mongolia University,0/35
  18. A Study on Kinetics of Gene Regulatory and G1/S Transition of Cancer Cell by Non-coding RNA,LiuWangHeng/Central China Normal University,0/25
  19. Research on the Repeated Sequence among Biological Gene Sequences,MaoYuanZe/Guangxi University,0/106
  20. Casimir Effect between the Red Blood Cells,XueXiaoCui/Northeast Normal University,0/8
  21. The Effects of Phosphorylation Rocessive Mechanism on Dynamics of MAPK Signal Transdution Pathway,WeiWenBin/Central China Normal University,0/63
  22. The Study of Charmonium Decaying into (?)K_S~0Σ~+,LiZuo/Guangxi Normal University,0/2
  23. The Resonance Production in Au+Au Collision at RHIC,ZhangKai/Qufu Normal University,0/5
  24. The Study of Charmonium Decaying into ppπ~+π~-π~+π~-,LiuHaiRong/Guangxi Normal University,0/7
  25. Study the P-wave Dπ Coupled Channel Scattering Using the Chiral Unitary Approach,LingJiaJun/Guangxi Normal University,0/9
  26. Measurement of η’→π+π-l+l-,QinLiQing/Guangxi Normal University,0/18
  27. Heavy Flavor Mesons in Quark Potential Model,CaoZuo/Southwestern University,0/25
  28. A Phenomenological Study of Exotic Hadrons,XuQing/Zhejiang University,0/24
  29. A typical physical model with new types of rare decay process,LiuWei/Liaoning Normal University,0/9
  30. Study of Heavy Baryon Properties from QCD Sum Rules,YouFuYi/University of Science and Technology of China,0/29
  31. Phenomenological Study of the Space- and Time-like Electromagnetic form Factors of the Pion and Kaon,JinDan/Central China Normal University,0/28
  32. B→X_sγ and B→τv Decay Constraints on the THDM,ZhangZuo/Central China Normal University,0/3
  33. Study J/ψ→γπ~+π~-π~+π~-π~+π~-Decay at BESⅢ,ZhangJinGuo/Henan Normal,0/2
  34. Study of τ~-→l~-V~0(PP) Decays in the Family Nonuniversal Z’ Models,YangHaiYan/Henan Normal,0/3
  35. Nuclear Effects on Hadron Production in Semi-inclusive Deep Inelastic Scattering,LiQiang/Hebei Normal,0/5
  36. The Research for the Ginzburg-landau Model of Knotted Flux-tube and Glueball-like Fj mesons,LuYiPing/Northwest Normal University,0/6
  37. Measurements of Branching Ratio for χcJ→BB(B∈∧,∑0,∑+) on BesⅢ,WangXiongFei/Henan Normal,0/3
  38. B~0-B~0Mixing and B→τυ Decay Constraints on the2HDM,LiuMeiXiang/Central China Normal University,0/3
  39. The Study of the Radiative and Coupling Constant of Light Meson,ChenChao/Southwestern University,0/5
  40. Partom Energy Loss in the Nuclear Drell-Yan Reaction,ShiXiaoRui/Hebei Normal,0/3
  41. Parton Energy Loss in Cold Nuclear Matter,WangYanYu/Hebei Normal,0/3
  42. The Study of Z’ Bosons Effects in the Processes of pp→eτ/μτ+X at the LHC,LiShuangWen/Henan Normal,0/0
  43. Study Moon Shadow with ARGO-YBJ Experiment,BaiJing/Hebei Normal,0/1
  44. Unitarity Constraints on Color-Octet-Electro Weak-Doublet Scalars Model,ZhaoHuiQiang/Henan Normal,0/6
  45. Study on the single jet and prompt-photon inclusive production in high-energy experiments,LiNa/East China Normal University,0/0
  46. Study of J/ψ,ψ’→Ξ0Ξ0at BESⅢ,LiuShuai/Guangxi Normal University,0/5
  47. The Nuclear Effect of Azimuthal Asmmetry in Drell-Yan,ChenLong/Shandong University,0/4
  48. Study of B_s→η_c (J/ψ)D Decay with Perturbative QCD Approach,XiongZhengJun/Henan Normal,0/1
  49. Helicity Amplitudes for Polaried Heavy Quarkoniun Production at LHC,ZhangHuanRan/Liaoning University,0/4
  50. Improvements of Absolute Photon Energy Calibration for BesⅢ EMC,MuChunGuang/Liaoning University,0/6

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