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The rise of great powers and the international system changes

Author: DongXiangWu
Tutor: HanYuGui
School: Shandong Normal University
Course: International relations
Keywords: Rise of Great Powers Hegemonic war Peaceful Transformation of the international system Peaceful Rise
CLC: D80
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2007
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Throughout the course of the modern international political change, the rise of the big country is the main driving force of the evolution of the international power structure, hegemonic war is the basic mechanism of the international system conversion. More typical of a pre-war Germany's rise reflects the historical situation. A pre-war Germany's rise is achieved through two steps, namely the development of unity and unification of the German Empire. The reunification of Germany, the end of 500 years of the German the fragmented feudal separatism situation created favorable conditions for the development of capitalism in Germany. After reunification, the German economy for rapid development, to change with the United Kingdom's international power. The rise of Germany embarked on the path of colonial expansion and hegemony, and the implementation of \The late 19th century and early 20th century, the laissez-faire capitalism is the transition to monopoly capitalism, imperialist powers carved up colonies and divided the world sphere of influence, mutual alliance, military buildup, fierce arms race, and it is in this international context, Anglo-German contradictions rapidly intensify, leading to the outbreak of the First World War. To Modelski leadership long-cycle theory and Gilpin \trying to find the conversion law of the international system, the \The rise of the emerging powers led to the shift in the international system by the balance to the imbalance in the entire history of the process, the reform of the international system has been the primary mechanism for war, especially hegemonic war. It is through hegemonic war, to restore the equilibrium of the international system, the international system conversion. Although the law of international political cycle to some extent, in line with the history of the development of modern international relations, the presence of the truth of things. However, since the end of World War II, in the face of a new type of relations among major powers and international security situation, hegemonic cycle theory appeared poverty. Since World War II, the international system is an effective mechanism for peaceful change. The factors leading to a peaceful change of the international system are the following: (a) war illegal system value of a World War II international system. System value refers to a certain idea or ideal, idea or ideal is accepted by most of the countries within the system as a guide to guide international behavior. Through the Covenant of the League of Nations \criteria. (B) the emergence of nuclear weapons and their development so that war becomes unthinkable. Nuclear weapons have devastating consequences, resulting in disjointed military means and the objective of the war, and therefore the only use of nuclear weapons is nuclear deterrence. During the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union has been able to maintain 40 years of cold peace is a very important reason: mutual assured destruction, nuclear balance of terror. (C) the establishment and improvement of international mechanisms to provide a strong guarantee for continued international cooperation. \It is in this case, the international mechanism can effectively limit the conflict of interest between the countries, highlighting the convergence of interests between the countries achieved the best results of the collective. The late 20th century, the world situation began to significant changes in the formation of a general trend that is conducive to safeguarding peace and promoting development. Peace and development have become the theme of the times. Peaceful Transformation of the international system providing favorable external conditions for China's peaceful rise. China's rise would inevitably lead to changes in the international power, suffered possible predicament. To this end, China must eliminate the distrust of the other countries of the rise of China, to create a relaxed international environment plays an extremely important role in building the image of the country's peaceful rise. First, actively integrate into the international system, and establish the image of a responsible big country. Second, based on the Asia-Pacific region, the implementation of the policy of good neighborliness and friendship. Third, correctly handle the relations between big powers, establish a cooperative, responsible for the image. Fourth, establish the image of safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of developing countries, and to continue to seek the support of developing countries. From the angle of history and reality, a combination of theory and practice, by examining the rise of a pre-war Germany, Comment on the international political cycle theory, discusses the international system since World War II to promote peaceful change factors, the following conclusions: the international system of peace changes mechanisms and today China's peaceful rise strategy combining completely out of the traditional \

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