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Study on the Genetic Character and Diagnostic Characteristic of Calcareous Soil in Kaster Ecological Envirenment of GuiZhou Provience

Author: NingZuo
Tutor: HeTengBingï¼›LinChangHu
School: Guizhou University
Course: Soil
Keywords: Guizhou Carbonate Limestone soil Occurrence characteristics Systematic classification Diagnostic layer Diagnostic features Advanced Classification Reference
CLC: S155
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2009
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The development of soil parent material of the carbonate rocks in Guizhou Province, were collected from 41 typical profile indoor physical and chemical properties, through field investigation, analysis, study the occurrence of soil characteristics. \Aimed at the accumulation of basic data for the research and application of karst ecological environment of soil classification. The study results show that: the carbonate rocks in Guizhou Province, the physical and chemical properties of soils: sand> clay> silt mechanical composition performance, at the relatively high temperature, rainfall, vegetation coverage is better, lower altitude sticky process in most soils of the region; rich in organic matter content, organic matter content in the surface layer is generally more than 40g/kg, tested the soil pH in the neutral weak alkaline, high calcium carbonate are quite content, cation exchange capacity and organic matter content showed a significant positive correlation; free iron content of 20g/kg cosmids in SiO 2 dominant P 2 O 5 content, mineral elements content order: SiO by 2 > Al 2 O 3 > Fe to 2 O 3 > CaO> MgO> K 2 O> P 2 O 5 . Diagnosis of the surface layer of the study area soil divided fertile dark surface, weak surface fat cooked surface, hydroponics surface diagnostic table lower the prototype layer, low activity of the iron-rich layer, farming deposited layer, adhesive layer, hydroponics redox layer, diagnostic phenomenon: the organic phenomenon, hydroponics phenomenon, the phenomenon of calcic carbonate lithologic features diagnostic features, often moist soil moisture condition, hot soil temperature conditions, the redox characteristics are humus characteristics, humus characteristics, iron quality characteristics, lime, salt, saturated soil. Tested soils classified in the system were retrieved five soil orders six subclasses, eight soil types, 16 sub-categories; artificial soil, Isohumosols the classification retrieval, this article on Chinese soil system classification and retrieval (third edition), \The proposed amendments programs: under hydroponic artificial soil, increase heat hydroponic the artificial soil soil class, under Continued divided into the lime hot stagnic anthrosols, the calcium hot stagnic anthrosols, the stone hot hydroponics artificially soil, heat hydroponics artificially soil subcategories. Increase the dark fertile lithological mulch soil class lithology mulch subclass under continued into stone gray fertile lithology Isohumosols, the iron dark Waugh lithology Isohumosols the calcic dark fertile lithology Isohumosols, the ordinary dark fertile lithology are several subcategories mulch. Tested soil classification system in the United States (ST, 1994), developed by the United Nations \for the senior classification attribution, and make advanced classification reference.

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