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Drought Stress on the Osmanthus Growth and Physiological Ecology Effect

Author: ZhuoLiFeng
Tutor: WuJiaSheng;WuPengXi
School: Zhejiang Forestry University
Course: Agricultural Extension
Keywords: Osmanthus fragrans drought stress physiological-biochemical photosynthetic characteristics
CLC: S685.13
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Osmanthus fragrans Osmanthus Lour.) (MuXi secco plant, of ornamental flowers and trees is rare, is essence industry, food industry, medicine industry, light industry and precious raw material. Relevant osmanthus research focuses on the breed classification, the biology habit and the flowering aging process change, the physiological and biochemical characteristics on environmental conditions on the influence of osmanthus fragrans physiological characteristics not seen reports. This paper explores the different soil moisture content on the potted osmanthus seedlings growth, water, physiological and biochemical indexes and photosynthesis, etc, in order to influence of osmanthus fragrans anti-reversibility of cultivation and arid transplanting and expand cultivated scope to provide the reference. Based on three years for cutting seedlings born hung orange the object of study, the buildup of greenhouse soil method, the osmanthus fragrans seedlings under drought stress changes of physiological indexes, the analysis results are as follows:(1) drought stress all parts of osmanthus biomass growth have certain inhibition, sweet-scented osmanthus seedling root-shoot ratio with drought stress intensifies shows ascendant trend, as water stress intensifies, root dry weight, leaf fall subsequently also area, leaves area and leaf number decrease. Drought stress on seedling height and diameter at growth have certain inhibition and inhibition degree with drought stress enhancement and enhanced.(2) drought stress on the influence of osmanthus fragrans leaf water status with drought stress, aggravating and intimidated the extension of time, sweet-scented osmanthus seedling the relative water content of leaves decreased obviously; Stress is heavier, the decline. The activity of SOD in different under water stress processing experienced rise-decline-rising-changing curves. Drop petronas POD in different drought stress situation experience rise-down-to rise N form changing curve, but different drought processing spikes time different.(3) osmanthus seedling leaves soluble sugar under drought stress in different kept rising-decline, and changing curves showing the contents of soluble sugar content is sensitive to the reaction of drought; Osmanthus seedling leaves free proline content overall trend is first after rising fell and Pro content shows ascendant trend; Drought stress the cytoplasmic caused osmanthus blade increases membrane permeability, osmanthus seedlings leaves malondialdehyde increases, chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b content decreased significantly, and chlorophyll a/chlorophyll b appear rising trend.(4) along with increasing drought stress, osmanthus leaf photosynthetic rate gradually reduced, at the same time Trmmol Cond and all appear to reduce trend, osmanthus blade Ci change regularity, but is not osmanthus fragrans blade Ci with contrast are greatly reduced. Under drought stress, sweet-scented osmanthus blade Fv/Fm and Fv ’/Fm’ are tending to reduce the trend. Under drought stress osmanthus chlorophyll fluorescence properties photosynthetic characteristics and is highly part index linear correlation between WUE and other indicators, except for the present negative correlation between, other indicators have higher linear positive correlation.

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