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  1. Studies on the Photosynthetic Characteristics of Water Consumption of Two Tree Species in Mu Us Sandland,WuRiNa/Beijing Forestry University,0/77
  2. Effects of Biological Soil Crusts on Soil Moisture and Wind Erosion in Mu Us Sandland,YangYongSheng/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/146
  3. Water Dynamics and Numerical Simulation of Farmland in Mu Us Sandland,BaoHan/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),0/34
  4. Study on the Scale Response between NDVI and Environmental Factors in Wushen County of Mu Us Sandland,HuYongNing/Inner Mongolia Agricultural University,0/133
  5. A Study of the Vadose Zone Water Movement’s Law under the Influence of Vegetation,YangFeng/Chang'an University,0/47
  6. Spatial Pattern of Artemisia Ordosica Population in Mu Us Sandland, in Inner Mongolia,LeiYaKai/Chinese Academy of Forestry,0/134
  7. Fine Root Production and Turnover of Sabina Vulgaris and Artemisia Ordosica in Mu Us Sandland,QinYan/Inner Mongolia Agricultural University,3/171
  8. Study of Driving Factors of Desertification in Mu Us Sandland,YangYongMei/Northwest University of Science and Technology,9/567
  9. Carbon Dynamics of Artemisia Ordosica Krasch. Shrublands under Different Habitat Conditions in Mu Us Sandland, Inner Mongolia,LiChunPing/Institute of Botany,0/502
  10. Research on the Landscape Dynamics and Desertification Origination of Mu Us Sandland,WuBo/Commission for Integrated Survey of natural resources,11/422
  11. The Eco-Physiological Characteristics and Community Stability of Sabina Vulgaris in Mu Us Sandland,ZhangGuoSheng/Beijing Forestry University,10/297
  12. A Study on Response of Dominant Plants to Global Climate Change in Maowusu Sandland,XiaoChunWang/Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences,7/764
  13. Study on the Evolutionary Mechanism of Desertification and the Plant Stress Resistance on the Southeastern Edge of Mu Us Sandy Land,YangMeiHuan/Northwestern University,1/322
  14. Mu Us Sandland historical periods environmental change research,HeTongHui/Lanzhou University,3/865
  15. Coupling of Agroecosystem and Estimation of "SEREn" Harmonious Development in Mu Us Sandland,HuBingHui/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/344
  16. Ecological Research on AM Fungi Associated with the Clonal Plants in Mu Us Sandland,ZhaoJinLi/Hebei University,0/81
  17. Study on Mechanism of Sandy Land Artificial Shrub Planting Disposition in Preventing Soil Wind Erosion in Yanchi County,WangZuoZuo/Beijing Forestry University,4/118
  18. The Elementary Study of Moisture Absorption and Water Condensation of Three Kinds of Underlying Surfaces in Mu Us Sandy Land,QianLianHong/Inner Mongolia Agricultural University,0/73
  19. Influence of Ground Collapse Caused by Coal Mining Activities on the Water Characteristics of Sandy Soil,ZhaoHongYu/Inner Mongolia Agricultural University,0/67
  20. Soil Quality Evolvement Mechanism of Sand-Fixing Forests in the Area of Yulin in Maowusu Sandland,WangYanWu/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/97
  21. The Nutrient Content and Releasing Rate in the Decomposability Process of Fine Roots of Sabina Vulgaris and Artemisia Ordosica in Mu Us Sandland,SiQingBiLiGe/Inner Mongolia Agricultural University,0/58
  22. Mu Us Sandland Succession of vegetation after seeding,ZhuZhenHua/Inner Mongolia Agricultural University,1/101
  23. Mu Us Sandland different water gradient biomass of plant communities,NiuHai/Inner Mongolia Agricultural University,3/157
  24. Clonal Growth of Hippophae Rhamnoides L.ssp. Sinensis in Response to Fertilization of Nitrogen in Combination with Phosphorus in Mu Us Sandland,HeBin/Southwest Forestry College,,1/71
  25. Effect of Super-absorbent Polymers on Physiology and Establishment of Ceratoides Arborescens,PengLiNa/Inner Mongolia Agricultural University,1/82
  26. Mu Us Sandland desertification monitoring and settlers grazing impact studies,LiuGuangFeng/Northeast Forestry University,4/144
  27. Study on Assessment of Environmental Vulnerable Degree and Man-made Influence of Mu Us Desert,XuXiaoLing/Shaanxi Normal University,4/339
  28. Ecological Adaptability of Clonal Traits of the Natural Shrub, Sabina Vulgaris to Sandy Habitats in Mu Us Sandland,LiuHaiDong/Inner Mongolia Agricultural University,2/128
  29. The Study on the Ancient Cities and Environmental Change in the Southwest Mu Us Desrt,PengChao/Lanzhou University,0/141
  30. Moisture Danymics Stability Evaluation of Sand-Fixing Plants in Mousu Sandland,WangBo/Beijing Forestry University,1/162
  31. Evaluation of Grassland Resources and Sustainable Utilization in Mu Us Sandland,GuXiaoHua/Beijing Forestry University,3/267
  32. Study on the Dynamic of GSPAC System Water and Water Requirement in Typifical Wilderness Prairie,RenJie/Inner Mongolia Agricultural University,4/237
  33. Study on Pollination Mechanism of the Natural Sabina Vulgaris Populations in Mu US Sandland,HuYongNing/Inner Mongolia Agricultural University,0/84
  34. Investigation of High Vegetation Resources in Maowusu Sandy Land,LiZhiXi/Northwest University of Science and Technology,15/446
  35. Characteristics of Natural Regeneration of Sabina Vulgaris Community in Mu Us Sandland,WangZhe/Inner Mongolia Agricultural University,5/158
  36. Studies on the Water Eco-physiology of the Main Aforestation Trees in Maowusu Sandland,DingXiaoGang/Beijing Forestry University,4/186
  37. Study on Sprouting and Ecological Characteristis of Adventitious Roots of Sabina vulgaris in Mu Us Sandland,LiuMeiZhen/Inner Mongolia Agricultural University,5/124
  38. Mu Us Sandland settlers grazing pasture plant community classification and degradation gradient analysis,JiaZiYi/Chinese Academy of Forestry,0/134
  39. Analysis of Growth Porperities of Stolon and Age Structure of Sabina Vulgaris Population in Mu Us Sandy Land,WangZhuo/Inner Mongolia Agricultural University,0/65
  40. The Study on Soil Absorbtion and Condensation in Mu Us Sandland,BaiAiNing/Inner Mongolia Agricultural University,0/91
  41. Mu Us Sandland spatial variability of soil nutrients preliminary study,MiaoHengLu/Inner Mongolia Agricultural University,0/81
  42. Inner Mongolia desert biological crusts bacterial community analysis,CongLiShuang/Inner Mongolia Agricultural University,2/85
  43. Sandy area along the Great Wall in Yulin sand-fixing forest structure and effectiveness studies,GaoChengXiong/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/100
  44. Phenotypic Variation of Natural Population of Sabina Vulgaris in Mu Us Sandland,BaiYuRong/Inner Mongolia Agricultural University,0/31
  45. Dynamic Change of Vegetation Coverage by Monitoring Remote Sensing in Mu Us Sandland,LiuJing/Inner Mongolia Agricultural University,1/210
  46. The Response of Clonal Growth of Tree Species Hippophae Rhamniodes L.subsp Sinensis to the Illumination and Irrigation Intensity,XuDeBing/Southwest Forestry College,,3/53
  47. Study on Soil Organic Carbon(SOC) Pool under Different Vegetation Types,DingYueKui/Inner Mongolia University,0/134
  48. Study on Water Consumption Characteristics of Atraphaxis Bracteata and Hedysarum Scoparium in Mu Us Sandy,GuoYue/Beijing Forestry University,1/31
  49. Study on Community Characteristic and Species Diversity of Artemisia Ordosica Communities in Mu Us Sandland and Ulan Buh Desert,ZhaoZheGuang/Beijing Forestry University,0/70
  50. The Analysis of Peasant Household’s Resources Utilization in Mu Us Sand Land Based on the Family Life Cycle Theory,LiuJia/Beijing Forestry University,0/63

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