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Equipment Research of the Ship Sewage Treatment

Author: ZhangXianChao
Tutor: XuJianPing
School: Anhui University of Engineering
Course: Environmental Engineering
Keywords: ship sewage MBR membrane PLC emissions standards contact oxidation
CLC: X703
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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At present, the domestic integration, miniaturization of ship sewage treatment equipment design and development are still at the beginning stage, although there are some foreign successful experiences, expensive equipment costs and maintenance fees at the Shipyard allowing domestic and were left feeling useless. In addition, in recent years, the international maritime organization (IMO) on the sewage discharge standards substantially have improved. The traditional sewage treatment plant cannot fully meet the new standard requirements.This graduate design of ship sewage treatment equipment is based on ship sewage characteristics of hold and summarizes the domestic and foreign vessel sewage treatment experience. Using environment engineering sewage treatment principle, mechanical structure design principle and electric automatic control principle to achieve device integration, miniaturization, automation.This device by biological method-MBR membrane biological reaction method as sewage treatment mainly handling technology, its main points level 3 realization, the first level sewage reactor namely aerator, sewage and holder by domesticated activated sludge in aerobic aeration circumstances fully-reacted, and the second transition precipitation ark, sewage is the first level after processing overflow into precipitation ark (precipitate activated sludge can use gas lift into aerator cabinets again participate in biochemical reactions), precipitate ark can effectively guarantee the MBR membrane ark not appearing lots of sludge influence membrane appear volume, as well as avoiding large advance into membrane ark damage membrane silk. And level three is MBR membrane bioreactor, use intermittent aeration, on the one hand may not be completely reaction first-level decomposition of macromolecular organic matters, and at the same time can undertake nitrification and denitrification reaction, also can effectively remove nitrogen and phosphorus. Through the membrane effluent SS after they can also overcome traditional equipment for ship swaying and cannot standard of difficult problems.The mechanical structure design, device in whole on the mechanical structure can be divided into three parts, first piece:aeration cabinets structure, precipitation ark structure and MBR membrane structure design of the ark, Second:aerating pump, suction pump, discharge pump, UV sterilizer of choose and buy, The third pieces:the whole unit of drainage pipe and aeration pipeline design.Electrical control mainly adopt PLC programmable controller to realize the automatic operation. this device design institute of device into three points modes:normal mode and low consumption patterns and open mode, achieve under various conditions, the best operation mode.In the experiment, using a prototype, with fresh feces confirmed as an experimental sewage water on ordinary sludge domesticated after a few days, began to experiment.This experiment that the experimental results:(the following data are for the experiment mean)(1) COD value standard, the selection of the original sewage COD average for 1164mg/l, the processed COD value reduced to average 52mg/l, by sending Shanghai authority for assessment 44mg/l.(2) BOD value standard, the selection of the original sewage BOD average for 768mg/l, the processed BOD value reduced to average 5mg/l, by sending Shanghai authority for assessment 3mg/l.(3) SS value standard, water without obvious suspended, the inspection value is 12mg/l. Water PH qualified, approximate scope for 7.1-7.4.(4) Heat-resistant escherichia coli qualified, take UV lamp, UV lamp inspection before and after water sterilization watery escherichia coli number before about 2 X 105, via UV. tubes after sterilization heat-resistant escherichia coli was not detected. (5) Experiments have found that oxygen size, sewage sludge load changes will affect the activity of easy to sludge baulking.Experiments have proved that this set of ship sewage treatment equipment design scheme is technically feasible, the design of prototype in of the sewage treatment effect reaches IMO standard, should have widely application value.

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